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Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano in New Mexico: Family Roadside trip

We enter this building and purchase our ticket for Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano worth 10 bucks.
Ice Caves, New Mexico is one of the family roadside trip last September. We saw the brochure about the  Bandera Volcano and Ice Caves in Welcome Centre.My hubby likes caves and caverns and it looks interesting The Ice Caves.

What is Ice Caves? 
This is  inside the Ice Caves.
  • Ice Cave is also known as "The  Ice"
  • The ice caves temperature never rises above 31 F.
  • The floor of the ice is approximately 20 ft. thick.
Hubby went first to see the Ice Caves and waited us down their.

What is Bandera Volcano?
Gosh!! that was a long walk and hard on our stroller as you see how we drag going to Bandera Volcano. 

  • Bandera Volcano is also known as "The Land Of Fire".
  • Bandera Volcano erupted around 10,000 years ago.
  • Bandera crater is nearly 1200 ft wide at the top and roughly 750 deep.
Travel tips: Ice cave and Bandera Volcano for family:
"Little Traveentz" had a good time. This is in Bandera Volcano Side. 
  • Bring stroller-the trail going to Bandera Volcano stroller friendly and we left our stroller going to Ice Caves where short and easy walk.
  • You have to climb down and up just to see the ice cave.
  • Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano is best to visit in the morning especially in summer.
  • Bring water with you.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoe.
I like this Flower, I don't know what's the name. Took this on Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano
After we visited both place and stayed couple hours in Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano, Travelentz decided to hit the road to Arizona for another adventure.Indeed, the adventure in New Mexico is one of the States we would love to go back and stayed for a month when we retired by God's Grace.


  1. parang nakakatakot sa loob ano? pero at least narating mo na yan. and your little girl is so sweet. By the way, my husband loves me with curly hair. Hayaan mo, pahabain ko uli at pakulot paguwi ko sa pinas by next year. hi hi
    Thanks for your nice comments. Love hearing from you:)

  2. Looks interesting ang place sis... Salamat sa dalaw... :-)

  3. Stunning captures! I love that cottony flower and your daughter is such a doll!.

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  4. this one is unique sis! at talaga namang etong si little travelentz naki-ice cave at volcano ha ha cute!

  5. Sarap naman, daming gala, at si cutie little travelentz, mukhang enjoy, sulit na adventure. btw, ganda ng photo... *ilike*. :)

  6. Interesting place to visit siguro if I am near in your place for sure i will witness this place, visiting via Color Connection.

  7. Looks like an awesome place to visit. It looks so beautiful.

  8. Some places are quite scary. But it's amazing to go to places like that. Such an adventure :)

  9. what a beautiful trips with the family Sis :-) beautiful pictures too :-) Dropping by from Color Connection

  10. amazing place Sis :-) beautoful views and pictures indeed! Dropping by from Tuesday Travels

  11. Wow!!! What an interesting place! I'd surely love to visit that Ice Cave someday! I love spelunking myself and that is one perfect site to check out!

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