Park Grill with kids @ Chicago

Outdoor bar of Park Grill
We went to Chicago last week, that's why I don't have time to update my blog.This time is not a vacation plan but needs to renew my Philippine passports. Good thing I was married where it is Chicago Jurisdiction so its easy to drive going in Philippine Embassy.

After I renewed my passport and got my report of marriage we walked to Millennium Park. The park is free but you had to pay a parking fee that cost us 50 bucks for that day in Chicago and had a chance to saw the popular Cloud Gate.After an hour walking in the park we are hungry and good thing they have a Park Plaza and decided to eat in Park Grill.

We ate as they call  outdoor  under the umbrella. The setting was good enough to see the buildings and enjoy the nice windy Chicago downtown.

Traveling with kids and looking food is one  we always consider. Good thing that time they are not busy yet. The order came fast.
Little Travelentz enjoying the complimentary crayons from Park Grill.

Chicken Wings with ranch:
This is my launch..Imagine that I survived without rice.hehhehe...the Chicken is really good I like the spicy they put.


My husband likes sandwich and that is really his lunch.For him it taste good.Above all the Park Grill has a good food a little bit pricey for us. ( My apology photos are taken on my phone)

Location: Chicago, IL 60602, USA

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