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8 Best Jellies travel shots at Shedd Aquarium

As I told you before in my previous post about Shedd Aquarium. Here are some of the photos I took that I consider my 8 best Jellies travel shots at Shedd Aquarium.Sorry I forgot some of the name of the Jellies.

Purple Striped Nettle Jellyfish:

Flower Hat Jelly:
Blue Blubber Jellies:
Blue Blubber Jellies1:
Lion's Mane Jellyfish:
Japanese Sea Nettle Jellyfish:
Upside Down Jellyfish:
Gosh! dunno the name:
So what is your favourite Jellyfish? I'll be honest I was amazed all the Jellies I saw in Shedd Aquarium Exhibits.If you know the name Please let me know :)


  1. ang gaganda sis grabeh. but tumatayo balahibo ko lol

  2. Hate ko ang mga to pag summer at nagmoment sila sa baybaying dagat kaya di ko makapagswimming. Cool pictures though mhie!

  3. wow great photos! those are amazing creatures God has created, wish I can also experience seeing some of them at an aquarium.

  4. WOWWW! How were u able to take those shots beautifully, Mhie? Amazing!

  5. Wow! Fascinating photos, pero yang mga jellies, yak, handle with care. Sis, if ever na I write an article about jellies, is it okay that I use your photos?

  6. WOWWW! ang gaganda!! pero di ba nakakamatay yan?? anyway, nasa loob nga pala sila ng aquarium. Ang gaganda ng kuha mo sis...