We're lost at Grafton Ghost town,Utah

The history of Grafton
We're totally lost when we went to Grafton Ghost town,Utah. The address of the Ghost town didn't found  in the GPS, as you know we  rely on GPS every time we go on the road trip. The GPS sent us on a wrong direction of dead end.We don't  have had a back up map of the Utah that time, but we knew Grafton Ghost town is just around the corner but we're having a hard time to find it. We tried to asked to some people but no one on the road and we're disappointed the restaurant is closed neither.
Grafton School  house-built in 1886
And we remember,when we passed the ZION NATIONAL  PARK the Grafton Ghost town is closer so its only on that place.As you know it is a small town when you go out the Zion National Park.We drove 30 minutes and we're totally lost in the middle of nowhere.U-turn and drive and u-turn that's what we do and I told my husband we had to forget the Grafton Ghost town but my husband is determined to find it. So, we go back and drive slow as no one on the road and try our best to check every street and finally for the fourth time we found the street.It's invisible-GHOST is there.
The only house that is open and the cleaning lady is cleaning- and said to us there will be a movie filmed for couple weeks.
If you asked me is it scary? Well check out if you're around the place.The place is cool with history as you walked around. It was a  good timing  and there are 7 people  included us on that place during our visit.

I forget what is this. I know i'm still in Grafton Ghost town.I guess another house in Grafton
About Grafton Ghost town,Utah:
  • Grafton was first settled in 1859
  • the most photographed ghost town historic structure in the Western U.S.
  • Grafton Ghost town was abandoned  in 1921.
Another house we saw around the Grafton Ghost town-We didn't see what's inside the gate is closed.
The Grafton Cemetery:

Directions: Finding  Grafton Ghost town, Utah needs a sharp eye. Right off the highway with a small sign that easily missed with everyone. Grafton ghost town is an old west town near Rockville which is just before Springdale & Zion National Park.
Address250 S, Rockville, UT 84767, USA

Location: 250 S, Rockville, UT 84767, USA


  1. Have you seem a ghost Mhei?Hope not:)

  2. hmn... I like the place :) just considering your being lost as part of the adventure ;)

  3. oh wow, thanks for sharing this Mhei, I have passed by this area probably many times but did not about it, Zion is one of my favorite hiking escapes, will try to look for this next time we are in the area. beautiful shots.

  4. enjoyed the virtual tour...this is a place my adventurous kiddos would love to explore! beautiful photos of a very interesting place :-)I love how you took that first photo, and every photo that came after it...keep travelling :D

  5. Ahhh. Looks scary for me but I'd really like to visit this place soon! :)

  6. wow it's like going to a place in the olden days.. i guess it's creepy there at night time.

  7. Old city! It looks scary nga. Oh well, it's implied from the name itself. lol

  8. The photos did tell something, tle place is an eerie one. Di ka ba natakot, kaibigan..

  9. This place looks exactly in ghost movies. Creepy but I like to be there. I want to experience what a ghost town is really like.

  10. maybe thats why its called Ghost town because it cant be find in the GPS. hehe.. so weird. but u know what that happens to us too, like out GPS is so old that the town change its name, and the GPS cant find the town. its better to look up mapquest coz its more accurate. =)

  11. Hahaha, Emz I was gonna say that! We're you talking about our little escapade in Philly? LOL

    Anyways, I wonder if this was already a horror movie location or something. it does look scary and very quaint to me.