Family went to American Cave museums

Could you believe that the water will filled this cave if they have heavy rain that would last for many days.

Family went to American Cave museums for a day,we saw the advertisement on the road and we are curious about it.Hubby asked,are you  interested to checked the area?  I said yes.

Bad timing:
When we arrived, we immediately asked what time is the next tour-the tour guide said 5 minutes the tour would started but he said, we can't go underground it's all water because of the heavy rain during that week.We end up to purchase the tickets for historic tour.Our tour guide was friendly, knowledgeable about the place and ready to answers any questions.Actually he is not a boring tour guide,he's a person you would love because of his good sense of humor.
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Types of tour:
Well, as I know they offer 3 types of tour, "historic tourwill take you through one of Kentucky's largest & most scenic cave entrances to a subterranean river flowing over one hundred feet below ground,wild tour-is the caving adventure will take you  off the trail into the exciting and dark reaches of Hidden River Cave and sunset dome-you have the chance to see the largest room in Hidden River Cave."

Climbing up and down  stairs is always a  challenge for us-having a tot's who have a lot of energy.

travel  tips:
a. Climbing the stair-the historic tour requires a lot of stairs up and down  the same stairs.
b. Call before you go
c.  more in history and educational- ( base on our historic tour) 

Museums Gallery:
In our tickets Museums Gallery is included, they have some few displays and photos that will explain about the caves from Prehistoric  to Modern Cave Exploration. 
 the formation that you can see in the ceiling  is called stalactite-
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Hours of Operation:
Open daily from 9am - 5pm CST year-round,
9am-7pm Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends.
Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Day,
New Year's Eve & Day.

119 East Main Street  Horse Cave, KY 42749
(270) 786-1466
I took a lot of photos:
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Location: 119 E Main St, Horse Cave, KY 42749, USA


  1. wow! how cool...thanks for sharing sis...:)

    thanks also for dropping by..btw, the train expo was held in San Antonio, Texas.

  2. i haven't done a cavern/cave tour, but i've been wanting too. i have to look up for caves that are within close driving distance because KY is a bit far ^^ thanks for sharing this, mhie!

  3. I like this kind of adventures. Yung medyo may touch of history and culture. Those were nice shots! :)

    Thank u for visiting, dear!