Second stop at Newport Aquarium,Kentucky

This is our second stop at Newport, Kentucky last  weekend and we made it to Newport Aquarium . I was on  travel for a week that's why I don't update my blog if I am on vacation.Let me share you all my itineraries on our vacation.This time we're heading to North which is colder, so expect some snow and delayed.

 World River- For more about Aquarium check
What to expect in Newport Aquarium? 
Actually I don't expect anything if I go in Aquarium.Every aquarium is different and has its own uniqueness.I've been in aquarium for many times but I don't get bored going.The staff are friendly and very informative if you have questions.They offer different exhibits. The place is in a good size.

Our favourite exhibits?

Our favourite exhibits is the FROG BOG, is a playing zone for all ages of kids. "little M'' loves it she climbed through the tunnels,crawled in the tubes and sliding the sides. They have also a video game that kids can play by jumping on frog pads.Actually, we missed the time to watch  theater exhibits,

Address : Newport Aquariu

 1  Aquarium Way, Newport, Kentucky 41071

(859) 491-3467

Jellyfish Gallery

Cost for General admission: Single Entry
The cost of aquarium is 23 bucks per adult and 15.00  bucks for Children (ages 2 through 12) for a single entry. We had $ 2  coupon discounts, or you can get some of it in the rest area just look some coupons. If you don't like to do check any website for some printable discounts in advance.

Annual Pass Pricing
• $44.00 Adults • $38.00 Seniors (ages 65+) • $28.00 Children (ages 2 through 12)
What do you think about the price? By the way they're open 10:00 am to 6 p.m.Always check 
their website before you go.

souvenir we like
Do I want  to go back again?
Yes,the place is neat, good for family getaway, like us,who has 2 years old. The smile and excitement of my daughter every time where in the aquarium is worth million for us. So travelentz.com will find more things and places for family.



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