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Puktien Cabana Beach Resort, Thailand

One of my friends recommended us to stay in  Puktien Cabana Beach Resort,Thailand. The place is beautiful, relaxing and peaceful. Two days staying in the beach resort we both decided, hubby and I to checked out, the place is kinda far from all the attractions and renting car was other option but we don't like to commute everyday just to be in the main tourist attractions.

Puktien Cabana Beach Resort, Thailand

  • Located at Tha Yang District, Phetchaburi, Thailand.
  • Need a car to go in main attractions.

Our Room in Puktien Cabana Beach Resort
The ocean at Night
One of the Restaurants in the resort
The pool
I don't have problem with this resort, the style and room is elegant looking and clean. The food was a big plus-it is good and beyond our expectation. The pice is very reasonable.

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  1. Definitely a nice place to visit. Have a happy holiday:)

  2. The ocean looks great and mystical at night

  3. Lucky you sis that you have been to Thailand, that's one of my dream places to visit.

  4. Entirely as I see it, the place is clean and for tourists. Awesome and nice resort.