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First Day of Fall at Burgess Falls State Park,Tennessee

Saying goodbye to summer is so hard for me while cold and freezing days is fast approaching. I heard we will have a bad winter this year, I hope they're wrong. Actually it's a first day of autumn and it's beautiful and cool outside but my bloody body is not used to it even I'd experienced  below freezing or negative degrees fahrenheit  I need a light jacket even it is the comfortable day for you.

First day of fall and I can't deny it the weather is  comfortable for everyone so hubby and I decided to spend the first day of Fall at Burgess Falls, Tennessee. It's quite a ride and took one and half  hour from our home. It was all worth at the end of the day. 

Burgess Falls is for everyone who loves adventures, hiking, nature lovers and falls.If you are that person this post might interest you to visit the falls. 

Speaking of hiking, this would be our first hiking this year and I wore my shoe that I bought 2 years ago ( imagine that).  Actually, I don't have a chance to use it since our little one is too young to do all of the hiking so we waited the right time. I hope this would be just the beginning  hubby and I would be back to our outdoor thing not as a single hikers but a family friendly hikers.

Trail of  The Burgess Falls Photo:

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Facts about Burgess Falls, Tennessee:
  • Free admission
  • located in the southeastern United States.
Round-Trip Mileage is  1.5 to 2.5  from Base falls to Ridge top

  • Wear hiking shoe,bring water and snacks.
  •  Slippery going to the to bottom of the falls.
  • Take your time  it's quite strenuous  going to the bottom of the falls especially if you have kids ( Hold your kids all the time hiking going to the bottom  is  so rocky and  slippery and you're at the edge without any fence or trail.
  • Put your camera in your bag  and watch out all the rocky slippery going down to the falls. 
  • Prepare to stop and let everyone pass if you think you're a so slow  to go down. 
  • Share the trail and help if possible especially going down to the falls.
  • Just don't steps the rocky steps checked it properly and find your way how to go down safely.

Hubby and I hold our daughter until we arrived in the bottom of the falls. Hubby go down  first and I hold my daughter in the rocky edge while he's going down, I  stand in the safely edge in the  rocky  area  without any fence or trail and I handed to him  our little Travelentz  and help out so I can go down until then  we arrived safely in the bottom of Burgess Falls. Little Travelentz was so excited but listen properly to us as she wants to go down too.

this video was taken on my iPhone



  1. It must have felt so refreshing to be near this gorgeous falls :)

  2. Majestic Burgess Falls!

    Yeah it's getting cold and leaves are now changing colors, signs that autumn is here - my fave season of the year.

  3. wow!!! breathtaking, i love nature and this is one great place to see while in Tennessee. I guess we would prefer warmer weather to be more comfortable, however we live in a 4 season country so i think whether we like it or not let's just face the cold weather and get it over with hehehehe.

  4. my family loves visiting places like this. Since we are in the heart of the city right infront of Petronas Towers here in MY. Can you imagine how busy our life is? hehe SO going to place like this gives us some relaxation and new adventure! lovethe gorgeous falls!

  5. wow! that's so nice and beautiful! I wish we could also do some hiking here, we live in a jungle of buildings and busy streets.

  6. wow, that is such a beautiful waterfall, Mhie, so love the contour of the fall, so unique. Glad you made it to the bottom with little M.

  7. Stunning, nature is the best to explore!

  8. Nice waterfalls@ It must fun to see it, with the sound of the water falling.

  9. Wow! It will be very nice to hike here! Very refreshing and serene. Calms the mind. Lovely falls!

  10. Fall! I love fall too, it's like spring but not flowers are around, instead: leaves! :) So romantic! Time to take out your boots! (I already did!) :)

  11. beautiful falls! I have yet to see another one... It's always great to be at one with nature. Savor the days where there are still leaves on the trees .. freezing winter days are ahead of you.. brrrrrr

  12. I love that falls. I love trekking in places like this. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. Keeping up with the healthy and active lifestyle and enjoying fantastic view.

  13. Never experience fall at all. Just asking which is more better fall or spring? Burgess Falls is that beautiful.

  14. such a beautiful place. i admired you sis, your family travels a lot and thanks for always sharing it with us. :)