7 Worst Family Travel Moments in 2013

Travelentz was fortunate to set our foot in different places in the year  2013. Of course traveling is not just only good memoirs to share,I have Worst Family Travel moments in 2013 to share and I hope you learn our worst day and how to surpass of it.

7. Hubby Quarantine for 24 hours in Freedom of the Seas Cruise- It was our first  family vacation of the year last March 2012 when hubby throw up in our cabin in the cruise ship. I think he ate something that did not digest. You can check my story about our family experience cruise here.

Tips: If you think you're fine in the morning and you stop throwing up after couple hours and feel better, DON'T ever dare to go in the clinic in the ship or report to any management, they will quarantine you  for 24 hours as a part of their protocol. They're useless but ruin your day, and they can't figure out either  if you have viral illness or not. Go figure what is best for you.

6. Cancel the trip to San Francisco- When everything was set and at the end you have to cancel your trip-is not fun at all. 

Tips: Being flexible is important, though cancellation and hassle is not easy, the best thing you can do, make another plan all the time and  be ready to compromise and enjoy things whatever it takes rather than complaining and make things worst.

5. Disappointed- My parents-in-law were not happy when they know, were not going up in the cottage for  4th of July and we decided to call it "STAYCATION" 

Tips:Staycation is fun and am happy we decided to stay at home while hubby is on vacation.

4. Unpredictable weather- Weather is hard to predict, whether we like it or not, there is always something to come up. Our vacation in Alabama was a totaled mess, my father-in-law who scared with hurricane decided to went home and called it a day in Alabama. I'm not done reporting our trip in Alabama as the holidays makes me busy and I was sick at the same time.

Tips: Compromise is important when you travel with family like your parents-in-law. Their health is very important and the old aged doesn't help at all. Be patient and understand.

3.Viral illness- During New year's week, Travelentz family were all sick, the sad part my daughter and I needs to go in urgent care. Our plan to celebrate New Year's eve in the cottage was cancelled. ( Temeperature was zero degrees).

Tips: Travelentz decided to go home as we are all weak and can't celebrate New Year's eve in the cottage. 

2.Are We there yet- Uh-no,Little Travelentz already know the word and she's been asking to us every time where on the road.

Tips: Gadgets and some entertaining toys and coloring are the best thing you can give to your kids. Stopping in a welcome centre or any fast foods is a big help to stretch your kids legs as well.

1. Lake WinneSPOOKah Kick  us out in the Line  for choo-choo ride-It was our first time to go in the Lake WinneSPOOKah, so we don't had any idea  what to expect. We are patiently waiting in the line when one of the staff told us we can go in the bathroom since we have a long wait. To make the story short one of my friend get out in the line and went to bathroom while we are waiting in the line, sad to say one of the staff saw her and she ask us to get out in the line.We tell her what the other staff told us,once where on the front we can go anywhere nor to go in the bathroom.

Tips: We decided to go out in the line even some people in front and behind us said "you're fine stay there, its there fault they can't give  rules", but the staffs in the Lake wennie was really annoying and upset us  and tell us to get out in the line many times so we decided to get out in the Lake Wennie and planning not to come back anymore.

This is my second year documenting the worst Family Travel moments. How about you do you have any memoirs or you just want to keep the good memories in travel. 


  1. the worst i remember was summer of 2012, when we are all set for family outing and neither two of the vehicles start to run, thus outing cancelled so my hubby just have them checked, unexplainable things happen

  2. It's awful to be quarantined wahhh and the last worst one you've, I would lost it.

  3. wow..that was totally awful, might not be the great year for your family to travel? but i do hope and wish that this year would bring you all the luck esp when you guys went to a vacation.

  4. nightmare! especially #1! The heck, it's their fault.

  5. ahhh, the last one is the most frustrating among all of them, I probably would have lost my cool, hayst, clearly their fault, what is wrong with one member of the group getting to the restroom and with permission from another staff? the quarantine, hayst again, sight, sorry about all these Mhie. getting sick while traveling is very disappointing, I hope you feel a lot better now.

  6. Thankfully, all these years that we've been traveling (we take two foreign trips annually) we haven't had any unpleasant experience yet (either with or without our control). Our near unpleasant experience was when we went to Italy and the airline (Al Italia) was on strike days before our vacation. it's god things were resolved before our scheduled departure

  7. Yes, there are bad moments during our year's travel time, but they are part of what made the entire year memorable, right? :) I can imagine the fun as you went through all of those trips. The "Are we there yet?" moment-- that is but our kids' very scripted line. Very generic for that matter. But it contributes to the excitement as well. :D

  8. Bad moments always a part of memories Sis :-) the most part is you bond as a family :-) I wish you and your family a fun but unforgettable travel moments this year :-)

  9. Are we there yet? Taken on a positive note, means eagerness for one to enjoy what great activities waits ahead.

  10. Oh! Those are very disappointing. But don't them affect you too much. Thanks for sharing your stories because we know now what not to do and what to expect.

  11. WinneSPOOKah? I'd sure remember that! I won't trust them. LOL. Anyway, the most unfortunate thing is the cruise part, I'd never imagine being quarantined for the whole day. I get to spend just a few days in a cruise and that's what happens? Oh my, I should be ready with Bonamine. LOL. Though we don't have that here. :(