Highlights of Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is located in Catalonia, a region in northeast Spain. Barcelona is a city filled with many architectural landmarks, markets and parks.

The architectural landmarks

The city's main attractions are the many architectural landmarks located near the city center. The Sagrada Familia cathedral is considered to be one of the city's symbols. This large unfinished cathedral was designed by Gaudí..Visitors will be able to walk around the interior of the cathedral Peter W Smith Construction Inc explains is known for its bony columns.After a tour around the cathedral visitors can climb up one of the towers which are known for their views towards the city.

Two other buildings that were designed by this famous architect are the Casa Batlló house and the Casa Milá house, both of which are located in the centric Eixample district. Casa Batlló has a sandstone facade covered in trencadis mosaic pieces. Casa Milá is a large buildings that is famous for its wavy facade. This building does not have any straight lines and visitors will be able to explore the inner courtyards and the rooftops during a guided tours. The rooftop, which is decorated with chimneys in the shape of stone warriors, is known for its views towards the city center.

The city's Gothic Quarter is located near the city center. This historical area has narrow cobblestone streets. The Seu cathedral is located in this neighbourhood, next to an ancient cloister. The nearby streets and plazas, including the Plaza Reial square, are filled with café bars, lounges and boutique shops.

The beaches and parks.

Barcelona is an affordable city with many cheap youth hostels and grand boutique hotels. These are usually located near the city center, in the Gothic Quarter and in the streets off Las Ramblas, a set of main streets that have boulevards filled with flowers shops and traditional terrace bars. Visitors will be able to walk around the city and spend an afternoon on the beach before enjoying a walk in one of the city's parks. The city's main beach is the Barceloneta beach. This area has many seaside bars, cafés and restaurants. Visitors will be able to ride rented bikes along the seaside promenade. Barcelona's main parks are the central Ciutadella park, where visitors will find an artificial waterfall next to some museums and zoo, and Gaudí's Park Güell, located on a hill from where visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the city and the Mediterranean sea.

The food.

Catalonian cuisine focuses mainly on products from the mountains and the sea. In this city there are many restaurants, including restaurants that were awarded several Michelin stars, that serve traditional Catalan dishes.

For those on a budget, a cheaper option would be to visit one of the city's markets. The Boquería Market is a famous market located off Las Ramblas, a short walk away from the sea. The large market has many colourful stalls selling fresh juices, local fruit and vegetables, fish from the fishermen near the port and many other local delicacies. The El Quim tapas bar is located inside the market, where visitors will be able to enjoy thin slices of jamón ham and some cured cheeses. Another main market is the San Antoni market, located closer to the city center. This market is more traditional and offers a range of freshly baked pastries, spicy olives and pickles and juicy meat.


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