The Important Things to Remember during Ballet Recital

Being a mom, you should keep all the  important things to remember during your kid's ballet recital. Every class has different reminders and things you should do during the recital. Keep in mind you are their to support your kids and not an instructor. 

Arrive Early during the Recital:
It is better to arrive a little early during the recital day so your daughter would feel comfortable and she has time to relax and touch up her make up if necessary. 

This is very important during the recital. With a good make your kid's look better with it.

Remember to ask the hairstyle for the recital. If your kid's is in the team, most likely they have to follow the hairstyle that was given by the instructor.

Don't expect too much:
Let your kid's enjoy the things she wants too.Lower your expectation, with the  huge of audience watching your kid's recital, sometimes they get distracted and forget their dance steps or moves. The best thing is enjoy and be happy whatever it comes.
During the recital of your kid's, bring some flowers or any tokens for your kid's. You don't need to buy a bouquet of flowers or an expensive flowers.Just bring a single rose flower and you brighten the day of your kid's. It is a tradition thing and most parents, grandparents, friends bring flowers during the recital.

I know your kid's is not just nervous but the parents as well. As a mom I'm nervous during the ballet recital of my daughter. What if: she gets stage frightened.

Ballet recital  is being prepared for many months by the instructor. Most likely, they are all prepared during the recital. They prepared your kid's for that kind of amazing event. So parents just enjoy and relax.



  1. aw this is adorable, never have daughter yet but i've been into

  2. oh, so cute, am sure little M did well and had a great time, after all, it is about having fun for them, combining learning and fun

  3. This is really exciting for any mother but you are right, we should not expect too much and just let our children enjoy the experience.

  4. I can imagine it's not that easy to relax and enjoy if you're the Mom. The stage mom in every mom always kicks in hahaha.

  5. I am sure, being a stage mom, is filled with frantic feelings! Lol. I haven't experienced yet going to a recital where my own daughter will perform but I am sure it is really a mixture of excitement and nervousness! Lol.

  6. Flowers really makes them really special. I never thought of that when my daughter had her very first piano recital. Gladly, our neighbor brought her a bouquet and she was very happy!

  7. Little M is so cute Sis.

    I've been meaning to enroll Bella in a ballet class but I'm still debating since the school is a bit far form our place. I'll put these tips in mind Sis if ever Bella will push through with her ballet class.

  8. You must be so happy and proud of your baby. :) I know I will be a stage mom if I have to see my daughter in a recital or performance.

  9. Awww! The little ballerina is so cute and pretty :-) I bet you are very proud of her. My little K is not into ballerina or anything yet :-) I will keep these tips :-)

  10. It's a good thing that you're always with her during ballet recitals and your tips are important for those who want to take up ballet recitals.. :)

  11. I have never been to a ballet recital before and in case I do, I will do these tips to make the child performer feel great after performance! ^_^