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Are you ready for Christmas?

Ho ho ho... Christmas  is just around the corner. Before we knew it,it's here. My daughter is excited for Christmas. Well, this well be her first Christmas that she can understand and we try to explain to her. She is 4 year old and this time she believes in Santa.Other thing she looks forward is Santa's gifts and she knows already what she wants this Christmas. Are you ready for christmas? I'll be honest I'm not but it's an event that I look forward and hopefully I can go home in my hometown. Fingers crossed.

If you say Christmas,buying presents and decorations are on top of my priority. Yes, I spare some money for shopping and I want to buy  something in lemax village. There are a lot of decorations out there.  Don't worry i'm still on budget and I don't spend extra if I can't afford. Hubby knows Christmas is a big thing for me. Exchange gifts, Christmas tree and not to mention white Christmas. Well, wherever we will spend Christmas i'm sure I will have a great time with my family especially with my daughter.


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  1. Me gumawa na ng knitted Santa for a gift to my mother-in - law:)