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How to Choose a Music Instrument?

Learning to play a music instrument is one of the big thing you should proud of. Not all of us has that kind of gift and a talent. If you ask me, I don't know how to choose a music instrument though I have a friend who is a musician so I rely with him most of the time. It's not bad at all and I trust on him especially my daughter is into it. I asked my friend about this mackie 1402 at musicians friend if he has one. I'm  curious about it so he explained why some people needed it.

Research-Do your research if you plan to own a music instrument. Don't use your emotion when buying things. Ask yourself, Is this really what you need?

Option- if you are new in the music world or just into it, find an option of what you really want. Some music instrument would cost hundreds of money. 

Flexible- Sometime if you're a student buying is not an option, but renting is another thing you would consider to do. It's not bad at all. First, my friend doesn't own some of the instrument he usually rent and he told me it saves some bucks as the technology change and he's more in.

Size-This is important you have to consider in  choosing a music instrument. Remember the size is very important in playing some kind of instruments. 

Enjoy and have fun whatever you  choose. It is your opportunity to learn something new in your life. 



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