Most Delicious Restaurants in Germany

Germany is a country that is filled with history and culture. Part of that culture and history is the Bavarian cuisine which is a cornerstone for Germans around the country. If you are visiting Germany and wish to sample some of these brilliant dishes, stop by any of the following restaurants and experience a taste delight.

Located in the Black Forest region, the Schwarzwaldstube is hidden away in the famous Hotel Traube Tonbach. The head chef, Harald Wohlfahrt, is the key to the dishes that the kitchen creates here. His food study includes some of the best French and German chefs and as such has become a master of classic French cuisine, although he still experiments with his dishes, blending in Asian characteristics to them.
His signature dish is a delicious steamed lobster bedded on strips of leek and served with a mild lemongrass sauce.

Restaurant Bareiss
Just like the Schwarzwaldstube, the Restaurant Bareiss is found in the Black Forest region meaning visitors here have two opportunities to eat some great food. With two Michelin stars, the restaurant offers excellent dining service with a cool ambience, and its wine cellar is home to over 20,000 bottles meaning you can enjoy some of the best wines the world has to offer while dining.

Executive Chef Claus-Peter Lumpp was trained by some of the top cooks from France and Germany, and his style is famous for mixing French and Mediterranean cooking with some of Germany’s local ingredients.

Restaurant Dieter Muller
The location of this particular restaurant adds to its charm and makes it a highly rated place to eat. Found in a 14th century castle which is now known as Castle Hotel Lerbach, it offers up some unique ambience. Perhaps one of Germany’s most famous chefs at this time, Dieter Muller has collected three Michelin stars and leads the restaurant named after him.
His speciality is a red mullet served on a potato salad with balsamico, lobster on marinated vegetables and croquettes.

Restaurant Francais In Steigenberger Frankfurt Hof
One of the more underappreciated restaurants in Frankfurt as it has flown under the radar of the Michelin restaurant inspectors. Don’t let the name put you off, the restaurant service here is brilliant and the dishes are cooked up by Chef Patrick Bittner who is a master of Bavarian cuisine. 
One of the best things about the restaurant however is the ambience and setting. Guests will dine in small rooms with soft music, crystal chandeliers, silver candelabra and polished mahogany. Travelling around to the restaurants from your hotel can be helped by Auto Europe and a rental car.

Schloss Berg
Germany’s newest three star gourmet restaurant found in Perl Nenning, Saarland, Schloss Berg is an intimate venue seating only 34 people at one time. The setting is another castle turned modern hotel and this is where you’ll find the restaurant. 

Service at the restaurant is flawless and the menu has a French touch to it. Chef Christian Bau ensures all of his ingredients are imported from neighbouring France, which is only three miles away and as you would expect the dishes are prominently French. His signature dish is veal shank simmered for 24 hours and served with winter truffles and celery. 



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