Bangkok: What to do – eat and sleep?

Things to do in Bangkok

Wat Pho – The Temple of the Reclining Buddha – is a huge and beautiful religious statue often thought of as one of the best in all of Thailand. It is located in Rattanakosin and is adjacent to the Grand Palace Bangkok in the heart of the city. 

The grounds of this temple were once used for traditional Thai medicine and in homage to this, many of the statues depict various yoga positions. Wat Pho is known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage. The temple is the first public University in Thailand and has been over the years to educate in the fields of medicine and massage.

Things to eat in Bangkok

Four Seasons Bangkok opened more than 25 years ago – back then it was called the Regent Luxury Hotel. This low-rise hotel for the discerning traveller is surrounded by tall imposing skyscrapers such as the nearby Marriot which is four times the size! It’s a great all round hotel with top class fitness lounges and room service, but where we think it really shines is in the dining halls.
There are three dining options at Four Seasons Bangkok – the Madison as top of the line steak and seafood, cocktails and wood burning fireplaces. Biscotti / If you’ve stayed in Thailand for a while and are growing tired of delicious Thai food – how could you!? – the Shintaro sushi bar offers fresh sushi in a casual atmosphere. For those with company of the romantic kind, the Biscoti Italian restaurant offers intimate dining over a glass of sweet red.

Places to sleep in Bangkok
If you are not setting up permanent residence in the four seasons Bangkok we highly recommend you try the Eugenia hotel. 
The Eugenia is unique with its post-colonial or imperial architecture. The hotel was previously owned by a Taiwanese interior designer who was unsure how to theme this hotel. He found his answer in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam – from an unlikely source. An 83 years young Vietnamese lady that donned national costumes and ate French food inspired his theme. And the name? The name Eugenia came from the name this Vietnamese lady called him – Eugene-Ni which means Eugene with love.
This hotel sports 12 suites in antique décor. At the hotel Eugenia you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time and you won’t want to leave that age.

This post was written by Sevy who writes at http://www.vietnamtravelnotes.com/



  1. May friend akong taga Thailand. Sabi nya ay mag bakasyon daw ako sa kanya one day:)

  2. that shrimp looks so yummy, dreaming to have it now to feed my hungry stomach :) It has been a very long time ago since the last time I was there, would love to revisit definitely and I love their foods.