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Advantages of Escorted Coach Tours

Escorted Coach Tours are becoming more popular in recent years, as more people are looking for tailored holiday experiences, holiday-goers are more frequently trying out escorted tours. Escorted tours are coach tours to a wide range of destinations around the world. You might be wondering what makes a coach tour any different from a regular holiday, keep reading to find out some of the benefits of taking an Escorted Coach Tour.

Transportation is an important factor to consider when planning a holiday. You may have driven on holiday previously or made use of the local taxis. These can be gruelling journeys, especially for the driver, if holiday destination is numerous hours away, it can make your holiday feel more of a chore. Coach journeys the driver is taken care of for you allowing you to enjoy a comfortable journey to your chosen destination. Most coaches provide very comfortable seating with air-conditioning, allowing you to sit and relax and take in the scenery as you travel to your location. Or you can simply sleep all the way if you prefer, it can give you much more freedom to relax than the comparative hassle of driving yourself.

One of the main reasons to go on an escorted tour is to experience what the destination has to offer and kept informed by a knowledgeable tour guide. You may travel to locations you would have otherwise have heard of. This includes any notable landmarks and any restaurants the destination has to offer. This again allows you to relax and enjoy the experience without having to worry about travel or preparation for the trip as it will all be taken care of for you. This type of travel is perfect for those of us who are happy to have a day planned out for us, although some people may find this restrictive if you like prefer to go off on your own and explore the destination then this type of holiday may not be for you.

Accommodation is another element that is taken care of on a coach tour. You are usually booked into a hotel. This can be great for people who want to avoid the hassle of finding accommodation themselves. This does mean that you will have less control over your hotel choice which is something to consider if you are looking to stay in 5 star hotels, this may not be the case. The overall costs of staying in these hotels will be much lower however, due to the coach tours ability to book large amounts of rooms at a discount you may likely be staying in hotels that are above your usual budget.


Coach tours can be a great way to sample a range of foods from places you may not have known existed if you travelled independently. This can include meals from the hotel you are staying or at a local restaurant. These visits are optional ventures and in some cases are not included in the price, if you are happy to spend the extra money on these visits, it can be a great way to experience the local cuisine.
Escorted coach tours have many advantages, depending on what type of holiday you are looking for. They are perfect for people who want to see a range of sights and experience all of the attractions the destination has to offer. This type of holiday is certainly not for everyone. If you are the type of person who likes to spend the whole day at an attraction or casually travel around the town, then this type of travel may not be suited to you. If you are the type of person that likes to be kept bust on holiday and go and see as many of the attractions as possible, coach tours may be a welcome change to your standard holiday.



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