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Holiday Safety – Keep Your Gadgets Safe When You Travel Abroad

Your personal gadgets, like your laptop, smart phone, MP3 player and digital camera can add a lot to your holiday. Even if you don't plan to be spending your time abroad calling home and keeping up with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, you devices will allow you to amuse yourself on a flight or airport layover with some fun games, give you music to listen to and books to read by the pool, and of course let you capture all the cool things you see as photos and films.

Of course, all of the gadgets you own are worth a lot of money, and when you are in a foreign country where you aren't familiar with your surroundings or what is safe to do, you may worry about having these devices stolen, losing them, breaking them or even having them confiscated (in some parts of the world). Here are some tips to help you protect your valuable tech gear.

Only Take Out What You Need, and Secure the Rest:
If you head out for a day's sightseeing or activity, then don't assume your things will be safer with you than left behind in your hotel. If you are only planning to take pictures, then there is no point lugging your laptop, Kindle, iPad and GPS system around with you where you could break or lose them. If your hotel has a safe, then secure all of the things you aren't taking in there. Otherwise, ask at the desk if they have a safe there that you could use or could take care of your things for you.

Don't Put Your Gear On Display:
When you are out and about, particularly in touristy areas, make sure you aren't advertising all the expensive things you have on you and where you are keeping them when not in use. Walking around with an expensive camera dangling around your neck or pulling out your tablet to check directions in a busy area is not advisable, so use things discretely.
Be Careful Around Water:
Virtually no gadgets (except those designed specifically for underwater use like underwater cameras) can withstand a dunk in the pool or the sea, and many can be badly damaged even by splashes, so when you're on the beach, by the pool, or a boat or anywhere else with open water, keep your phone, tablet, camera and other equipment in a safe dry place.
Check Your Things Are Insured:
Read the small print on any insurance you believe covers your gadgets while you are on holiday, whether it is your home insurance, your travel insurance, mobile phone insurance or specialty device insurance like Protect Your Bubble Gadget Insurance. Be aware of exactly what is covered and for how much. Some travel insurance policies, for example, only cover certain devices up to a certain value, and your home insurance may only cover named items abroad and only with a large excess. Purchase additional gadget insurance or update your home insurance's named item list if need be.

Technology, finance and consumer blogger Laura Ginn travels around a lot, and uses a lot of devices. She's learned first hand the best ways to keep her important tech gear safe when she goes overseas.



  1. Oh yes! This is the first thing I do...making sure my gadgets, which I do not have many anyway.

  2. These are some sound advise and tips that everyone should consider when traveling.

  3. Very sound tips for those who travel. We oftentimes take for granted these basic things when we get overwhelmed with excitement. :)

  4. Years back, we don't have valuable gadgets with us when we travel except our camera. Now we always bring a bunch of high-tech gadgets any where we go. This gadget insurance is a sure hit to travelers indeed.

  5. I believe your tips apply not only to travel. Kahit siguro sa deveryday life natin. Safety of our belongings is a main priority

  6. The first two tips hits me real hard! I just can't help but take out my gadgets when I'm on a travel even if its not necessary.

    Thanks for this reminder! ;)

  7. I agree with everything stated here. Gadgets are already included in our list of what to bring. But carrying them every where we go is not a good idea eapecially when we're not familiar with the place.

    This is the same reason why I choose hotel roomwith safe