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Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas,CocoCay,Bahamas Day 2

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas,CocoCay,Bahamas Day 2. Actually this is really a first day of sail away. CocoCay,Bahamas is a private island of Royal Caribbean International. We docked around 8 a.m and the ship began letting the people off  and departing 4:30 p.m..
Christened-May 12,2006 with the capacity passengers of 3,634 and crew of 1,360

We got up on time as we docked at CocoCay Island and enjoy our breakfast at deck 11 with my parents-in-law. After our breakfast we kinda confuse considering we're on the middle of the ocean and we did not see the pier. So we ask how to go in the island and they told us by ferry every 15 minutes.

Long Lines:
After we got our towel on deck 11 we decided to go in the island  and  sad to tell the line was backed up and annoying to my father-in-law where he can't stand longer because of his leg and he decided to stay in the ship and enjoy the pool and hot tub on deck 11. But we're kinda sad he did not make it and it was hard for him to wait. So leave early or  late  if you  don't want to wait in a long lines.

CocoCay Island:
The island was beautiful with lot of things to do for family.We decided to enjoy the water  while hubby and I went hiking to see what's around the island. "Little Travelentz" was happy to play in the sand with  grandme that I brought some toys for her. Of course everything you want to do like sliding, snorkel, jets ski and etc. has a cost. The only free things that served was lunch.

Straw Market:
They set up a little shopping market and it was good enough to cater for everyone needs like souvenir, and things you want to buy for yourself. I like the people  they would not harass you and  weren't pushy.

Back to the ship:
After our lunch we decided to headed back to the ship. Oh! geez, it's a long line for security purposes and it was hot while we're in queue.We're glad father-in-law was not with us.


We watched some of the show on second day but we had no chance to finished the show because "Little Travelentz" get antsy.

We had to dressed up and it's a formal night. We dine-in in the main dining at the same table. The food was pretty good. 
It was bloody good though. We all had fun except my father in-law had no chance to see the island.After the dinner we go for a good night sleep and this pretty one makes us smile.
Thankful to our hostess.
Note: If you want to know more about our onboard experience at Royal Caribbean  Freedom of the Seas you can start on Freedom of the Seas Itinerary or Day 1.

See you on my next post: We're hubby was quarantine for 24 hours-it sucks  :(


  1. i've always wanted to go for a cruise with the fambam but i couldn't convince the hubby and my girl. maybe i should let them read your posts.

    great share!

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  3. It looks like there's a lot lot of activities and things to do while enjoying the cruise. Thank you for sharing your experience while on board sis. I am all the more inspired to try that kind of vacation for my family.

  4. that's great that you guys all had fun, i feel sad that your FIL wasn't able to come on the island but I am sure he enjoyed his time too...he got his own "ME" time. :) thanks for sharing your cruise experience, sounds like lots of activities going around. i hope someday we can go for a cruise. :)

  5. I haven't been to any cruise but reading through this post felt like I already have been to one. Thanks for sharing, Mhie.

  6. sorry to know that your FIL was not able to go to the island, but at least he had better options also staying in the ship. I could imagine little travelentz enjoying the beach and the sand with her sand toys.

  7. awesome...I love island hopping! I can't wait for our another cruise adventure this summer.

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