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How to make money for gently used stuff?

Every day is a new challenge if you're stay-at home mom. So much things to do and you can't control things once you have kids.Most of the time kids are the boss at home especially age 0 to 2 years-old where you can't discipline and  kid's can't comprehend as well.I'm just glad my mother-in-law helps me for many things that I needed to learn and understand.

Once,you're mom you will learn how to find money in a simple ways like selling the gently use clothing, books and other stuff.I found this website about sell books at becksbooks.com and it's very easy to use. This would be a good place to sell gently used books for students, moms and those people who loves to read books. Aside that this company's buy your books,you can also buy books from them.

I've been selling my daughter's clothing and buy some new one since she used it twice or fourth times and she's done.


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