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Delicious Dishes to Try Whilst in Cyprus

The main reason why people rave about their travels to Cyprus - besides the sun, sea, sand and locals - is the wonderful food. Not only is the island of Cyprus famous for great tasting dishes very similar to what you might find on mainland Greece, but it is also considered one of the healthiest styles of cooking (and preparation) in Europe, and possibly even the world.  

If you are planning a trip to Cyprus, then as a guide we have compiled some of the most memorable and much loved dishes and ingredients that you will undoubtedly come across. Let’s take a look at what you can expect when dining on this stunning Mediterranean island. 

Kick-Start Your Trip With a Cyprus Meze!
A Cypriot Meze is a great way to have a taster of Cyprus cuisine and share it with your friends or family.  A meze can include a staggering 20 to 30 dishes, and is a great introduction to the Cypriot methods of cooking, particularly with regards to food and dining. 

Outside of the Mediterranean, a meze that you would be served in a restaurant or at someone’s dinner party will normally only consist of three dishes. So when you sit down to tuck into a proper Cyprus meze you will be shocked at the vast quantity of food on offer. Don’t worry if you can’t finish it, not many people can!
Mouth-Watering Mousakas 
Probably the dish that is most famous around the world, Mousakas are traditional summertime recipes and have the versatility of being edible both warm and cold. If you’re visiting Cyprus, this dish typically features aubergines, courgettes and/or potatoes, and is covered with a deliciously creamy sauce of minced meat. However, as most eateries throughout Cyprus will have this on their menu, there are likely to be many options without meat, which is great for vegetarian tourists!

 Halloumi Cheese – A Truly Special Delicacy
You may have already tasted, or at least heard of Halloumi Cheese, as it is a very trendy ingredient to use in current day cooking. It is a very traditional cheese made from a combination of both sheep and goat milk, and it also has a white colour as well as layered-textures and salty flavours. 

It is very similar to mozzarella, often oven baked or grilled, and served with salads and crusty bread.  You will often be served Halloumi with mint, and although many claim that this is to add taste, some reckon it has more of an anti-bacterial benefit to help increase the lifespan of the cheese. 

We hope that you have enjoyed our rough guide to some of the most famous and tasty dishes in Cyprus.  Although this is not an extensive list, it certainly covers the basics, and there are many more culinary delights to discover on the island, like pork and lamb, or pasta and olive. You can be sure that a trip to Cyprus will be a sun soaked and mouth-watering experience, that will certainly leave you wanting to visit this amazing island year after year! 



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