What to pack on Ski Holidays with Family

When you know what you're doing, things are simple and easy.Planning to travel with family is kinda headache if you don't know what to pack on Ski holidays with Family,remembered it is important to be prepared when traveling with kids.

 Nowadays, there's a lot or resources that would help your travel and packing  simple,its all in your fingertips how do you want to make your holidays easier and fun.
No two snowflakes are  alike 

What to pack on Ski Holidays with Family, choosing the right skiing gear is important when you do all the packing and I was browsing in the web I found this website Craigdon with loads of ski gear. Without further ado here are some lists that might help on your Ski Holidays with Family:

Ski Clothing:
  • Fleece
  • Ski socks
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Underlayer 
  • Turtleneck
  • ski pants
  • ski jeans
  • hat
  • google
Ski Gear:
  • ski boots
  • helmet
  • poles
  • bindings
Remember to bring extra clothes for your kids,considering you know better what your kid's needs.Have you been on a ski  Holidays?



  1. I wish I could try skiing too.. Hello Mhie!

  2. i dont think Im gonna need this tips for now..hehehe...ski in the PH?
    ..but who knows? someday..

  3. How i wish that i could finally go skiing so I can get these tips! I'd be coming back when that happens. Loved the tips!

  4. I don't think I would enjoy skiing holiday lol. I can't tolerate cold that long. Great tips.

  5. I have never been in a ski holiday nor have seen a snow up close so I am really glad you shared this post. At least, I am now familiar on the must-haves when going on a ski resort.

  6. I love the photo! So cute!

    Ski holidays sound fun and exciting but even if I live in a place where there are ski resorts nearby, I have never been to one yet! I should when the kids are a bit older! :)

  7. thank you for this tips...it would be a great help and easy way to prepare

  8. I often wonder when will I ever get the chance to pack for a ski holiday, must be very exciting.

  9. Hayz, sana ma-experience ko rin mag-skiing and I will remember itong mga tips mo.

  10. wow, so many things to pack. but the trouble i guess is so worth it. skiing must be really a fun activity for the whole family. happy weekend mhie. thanks for the support on my FBF post. :)