Is silver a good investment?

Investing something for our future is one of the important things we could done in our lives. There are a lot things to save for rainy days.

Investing silver-is one of the low risk if you want to save money for rainy days. When the recession hit in our Country a lot of people are selling their gold and silver in-exchange of money to have food in their plate or some are their emergency funds. Considering I worked before in gold/silver businesses I know how to checked and how important to have money in hands with our own convenience without borrowing to other people. I told my hubby before that if he has extra money he needs to buy gold/silver in-terms of savings and not just saves all our money in one mutual funds and need to be diversified all the savings for the future. If we have a spare money we usually find some website but be careful buying online and always check if it is reliable website and their return policy for your own safety.


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