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First-Time Cruisers: What to Expect

There is no doubt that going on a cruise for the first time is very exciting, but despite everything you might have read from your cruise line operator, do you really know what to expect? The guide below is intended to help first-time cruise passengers know what to expect from their cruise ship.

Boarding the boat:
When you arrive at the cruise terminal and are ready to embark, the process you will encounter is much the same as in an airport (X-ray scanners, bag checking, etc.). When you go through the check-in process you will usually be provided with some sort of identification card. This will be used by you to make on-board purchases. In some cases, the card also acts as your on-board identification and the key to your cabin. This is one card you definitely do not want to lose! The most popular UK port for cruises to depart from is Southampton - to find great deals on cruises from Southampton.

The accommodation on board cruise ships is not renowned for its spacious qualities unless you have booked a state room or some other equally luxurious and expensive accommodation. What you can expect from standard cruise ship accommodation is either twin beds or twins that convert into a double, as well as an en suite bathroom and plenty of storage. After all, many cruises last for longer than a fortnight, so you will need somewhere to store all those clothes. If you pay extra you will be able to benefit from a cabin with a sea view, rather than having an inside cabin with no view.

Eating and drinking:

Most cruise ships feature several restaurants that offer a huge amount choice for eating in the evenings. Tables in any of these will either be allocated to you and your party or you will need to make reservations. This is something to check with the operator. As well as these, there will be buffets available throughout the day and evening in various places on board the ship and these will usually be indicated on your on-board map. The vast amount of food on offer is included in the price of your voyage; however, you will also want to drink on board and this is where the card you were given on embarkation will come into play. Alcohol on board is an additional cost and can be charged to your account. Most ships do, however, serve non-alcoholic and hot drinks free of charge.

Leisure and entertainment:
As well as eating and drinking there are plenty of other things to do on board. During the day you will find many organised leisure activities, such as fitness and dance classes. Alternatively, you can do your own thing, such as swimming in one of your ship's pools, playing golf or having a spa treatment. If you have children there will be plenty to keep them entertained too. Once you have had your dinner, you may want to enjoy the evening entertainment. This can range from participatory ballroom dancing to discos and casinos.

Although one of the benefits of going on a cruise for your holiday is that you get to see many different places on one trip, if you are a first-time cruise passenger then life on board the ship can prove just as exciting as visits to shore. You may find on that first holiday you do very little off the boat, but this just sets you up for all those cruise holidays to come.



  1. Neither am I but I would love to go on a cruise if given a chance.

  2. I have been once just for one night. It was ok:)

  3. Thanks for the tips and useful information sis.

    It has been a dream for me to be travel via luxury cruises. I hope to make it happen someday, hopefully when Bella is big enough to appreciate it.

  4. that's one of my list to experience taking a cruise vacation...but has to make sure we have to save in order to enjoy the vacay...

  5. I haven't been to a cruise yet! My daughter has promised me that she'll take us to one when she becomes a doctor! LOL.

  6. i haven't been to cruise yet but hubby's thinking of us someday to go and try one to experience. :) thanks for sharing all this information, it will be really helpful for people who will be on cruise.

  7. Ganito pala ang ma-encounter ng forst-time cruise passenger. Hope ma-experience ko rin, kaso may kamahalan ata.