What is a carpet cutter?

Carpet cutter is a devises that used to cut the carpet during the installation to make sure to get the exact design of it.

We usually have a carpet in our whole house considering we live in the Northern part and helps to warm our feet during winter, basically I like walking in the carpet barefoot than the floor. Last time, we change our carpet and we just ask hired people to install our carpet for us.

The problem of hiring to install your carpet if you're not around is the quality of the job has done. Having a husband who is handy and a perfectionist in-terms of the quality of the job has  done  would not fit in his taste especially if his not around during the installation. Instead of calling them and asking to re-do the job, hubby taking care of it. Though he has no tools for carpet cutter so he told me to research some carpet cutter and I found this website  carpet cutter from MartorUSA.com. 


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