Chicago With Family: Field Museum

Another reason, Chicago is fun for whole family, is the Field Museum. If you enjoy history this is for you. We tried to see all the 3 attraction in one day included the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium.  

In our ticket all exhibits is included especially the  Genghis Khan and the 3-D theater.Our time was worth and the history is interesting.Learning the  past  is really interesting and if we compare it in our present day has big difference.

The disadvantages of doing it is we did not really see all in the Field Museum.We just choose what really we want to see.

The advantage is we just paid 22 bucks for parking space on one day and saw 3 attractions.
About Field Museum:
Permanent exhibitions:
The Grainger Hall of Gems :
The Underground Adventure:
Inside Ancient Egypt:
Evolving Planet:
The Ancient Americas :

All-Access Pass:
See it all! Explore the entire Museum, see all of our special exhibitions PLUS a 3-D film! The best value! 

  • Adult: $29
  • Child (ages 3-11): $20
  • Senior (65 years +): $24
  • Student (w/ valid ID): $24
Field Museum is fun for kids:
Little Travelentz enjoyed the "Hall of Dinosaur". Where she likes the Dinosaur and their exhibits.

Have you ever been to Shedd Aquarium? What is your favourite exhibits?


  1. hmn... mukang eto yung setting sa movie ni Ben Stiller na "The Museum".

    Cute ng pic nyo ni Little Travelentz :)

  2. wow, I am sure that dinosaur was huge when it was alive:)Scary! But they do lived!

  3. wow ang ganda! it will take us to a different time talaga ah..

  4. Thanks for the online tour, Mhie. I always love going through your trips. Very informative and yeah, you always have lovely captures.

  5. I remember the movie "Night At The Museum when i saw the T-Rex fossil.I wish we can also have something like this here in the Phils.

  6. i love the way you write about places, mei, very informative. your daughter looks so pretty. i haven't been to Shedd Aquarium, actually, though I've been to chicago, but we focused on architectural tour. But have been to several aquariums and natural history museums ( kind of very similar to the exhibits here), and my favorite exhibit are the beluga whales and the walruses.

  7. It's quite expensive din noh. Pero sulit naman siguro. I especially want to see the ancient egypt exhibit. I love to visit museums.

  8. I wish I can have the chance too that museum with Bella in the future...

  9. Reminds me so much of Ben Stiller's movie! Love the photos! :)

  10. as far as i remember the last time i went in a museum is when we had our fieldtrip when i was in gradeschool...omg...:( hope mkapavisit ulit ako sa mga museum dito stin..wish ko jan na rin ...:D