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Chicago with Family: 3 nights at Marriott Residence Inn

During our visits in Chicago with Family was really interesting and fun for me. Since this is the first time I went in Chicago. I don't expect too much. Only thing I don't like is traffic but the place is beautiful and I love it. I guess I am more in country style.
We stayed in a suite room at Marriott Residence Inn for 3 nights where we have are own kitchen and living room. We have free breakfast  and free dinner everyday in the hotel. We love it, everything is convenient to us. 

After our breakfast we went to see some local attractions in Chicago.Dinner serves around 6:30 PM after our dinner we went swimming and enjoy the amenities in the hotel. Little Travelentz love the hotel since she can sleep between us and  jump on the bed.hahhahah.
That is the kitchen inside our room. We love it and it is convenient to us even though I don't cooked.



  1. Ganda naman ng hotel at ng sweet model. Bakasyon na ba ang hubby mo since you are travelling a lot?

  2. Ang ganda ng room at may kitchen pa!