Chicago With Family: Aquatic show at Shedd Aquarium

The Aquatic Show at Shedd Aquarium was impressive. I love all their shows. They have 3 sets os shows first is the Dolphin, Belugas dance and the Sea Lion. 

 We have fun, and they explain in the show how they taking care the Dolhins, Belugas and the Sea Lion. Taking care the animals is like taking care of your own kids. Good thing this is included in our ticket and worth our time and money.

The Dolphin in Shedd Aquarium:
Taking a pictures during the show was a big challenge, first you don't know what they will do, or when is the best to take a pictures.
Another challenge of taking pictures during the Dolphin show was the metal fence that's the reason why the above pictures.

The Sea Lion:
It was fun and Little travelentz loves it.

The Beluga:

The beluga is also known as  white whale-is an Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean
What do you think all the aquatic photos in Shedd Aquarium?



  1. sis buti nakunan mo pa yung dolphins on air and while diving. mukang ang hirao ngang mag-timing ng click dyan sa show :(

    walang pic ang beluga sis? yun ba yung lumba-lumba sa tin?

  2. amazing photos pa rin girl esp. the first one, galing ng timing mo kahit marami pang challenges yan, iba na maparaan at magaling sa photography! :)

  3. Ang cute nung sea lion! maganda pa rin lumabas mga shots mo! been to ashow like that at hirap talaga kung kelan mo dapat pindutin cam.

  4. Ganda naman! Kelan kaya ako makakakita ng dolphins live! hehehe! Ang linaw ng mga shots mo, Mhie!

  5. Lucky you, na mapanood mo yan. Ako hanngang butete na lang kaya kong panoorin.

  6. wow! ang cute.. galing mo namng mag shot..kailan kaya ako makakaita ng dolphin hahaha.