Peak Season is the worst time to go on unplanned vacation

Last year, we visited the Gulf shores and Orange beach in Alabama, but sad to tell you it was still a  peak season and the worst vacation we ever had.Heading to the beach without planned during peak season is not a good idea, First the hotel was fully booked, hotel room is so expensive while on regular day you can get for 90 bucks per night.Other than the hotel all parking space is full and lots of people.

Third we experienced for unplanned vacation is going on side trips- and just figure out we have to go back at the same area because of the availability of the hotel.

Fourth worst vacation we experienced is 1 hour on the beach 10 hours on the road plus  traffic and decided to go back home.Arrived on the beach around 5 p.m. So hubby decided to set up our sun tent and realized he can't swim the wave is so big and my daughter scared.

Fifth worst vacation we experienced is choosing the the right restaurants - and end up in the worst restaurant because  the good place is full and you have to wait 10-20 minutes and there's no parking space  and waiting area is full and you we had a crabby baby.

Sixth worst vacation we experience is you can go to other place just 2 miles away will take you 30 minutes because of traffic.How would you love it?
Sun Tent
After our worst vacation and unplanned travel, we decided to plan ahead of time and booked a hotel before we starts heading.Never assume the place is not crowded when you are not there. 

How about you?  What's the worst vacation you've ever had?


  1. Ugh, those are some tough vacations!
    For my, anytime at the beach during peak season is my worst vacation.

  2. I can agree with you. It can ruin one's vacation. Thanks by the way for your nice comment for my blog entry for today " A day of gratitude"

  3. how very true...seems we all find that out the hard way!!!!

  4. Grabe nga yang 10 hrs on the road tapos 1 hr lang sa beach. Kasi namn minsan pag peak season lang talaga nakakalayas para iwas sa tag ulan. Pero never kami nag getaway ng holy week at alam naming sobrang daming tao.

  5. so true!! anyway, my worst one was last year in La Spezia--I have booked a room for the whole family while still in the camping site, without even checking the reviews. awful!!! I've learned my lesson ;)

    love that tent;)

  6. I agree that going on a vacation during a peak season is not a good idea. We went to Surigao last holy week and oh my, there were a lot of people. Aside from the lack of space in the parking area, we were also having a hard time in finding a vacant cottage.