Fort Wayne Children's Zoo: Family Fun with

Zoo is one of my daughter's favourite place. Glad we had a chance to visit the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo,Indiana on our way to visit my in-laws.A side trip and stayed for 3-4 hours is enough for us and my little one had a good nap on the car.We usually find an attraction in the Welcome Centre that's why we love to stop and stretch our legs.

About Fort Wayne Children's Zoo:
  • ranked fifth best zoo in the nation by Parents magazine in 2009.
  • ranked as the ninth best zoo in America by Child magazine in 2004.
  • self-guided tour.
  • More than 1,000 animals live at the zoo
Main attractions in Fort Wayne Children's  Zoo:
  • African Journey
  • Australian Adventure
  • Central Zoo
  • Indonesian Rainforest

Fun for Kids/Rides:
Fun for the whole Family
All rides is not included in General admission.You have to pay by tokens where you can get in the zoo.
  • Sky Safari- We don't  ride had a chance to ride  my little one is antsy.
  • Zoo train- my daughter's favourite ride.She loves it.
  • Endangered Species Carousel
  • River Ride-one of our favourite rides for whole family. Long line and waited around 5 minutes.Not bad during that day. So if you're interested to go this ride go directly and get your tokens for the ride.
  • Pony ride
 Address Is:Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
3411 Sherman Blvd.
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808
Phone: (260) 427-6800
We went in different zoo's around the States, but this Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is unique and has its own special. The place is clean and well maintained. The price is reasonable.Bring water and wear comfortable shoe for walking. Bring extra clothes for your kids.Don't forget to bring stroller if you have kids.
Just Checking if you like me?
Location: Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, 3411 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, USA


  1. Hi hi. Beautiful pictures of the animals. I think they are all sweets. Anyway thanks for liking my curly hair. Nag changed lang ko ng image kasi nag dry ng masyado buhok ka dahil sa kakukulot. But, maybe one day....again:)

  2. Love the first capture and the last one. Precious!

  3. very informative and interesting post sis, but I am sooo amused with the first and last pics ha ha. they are way too cute! and i extra like the caption "just checking if you like me" ha ha ha

  4. Ganda namn ng Zoo na yan may rides pa! Cute nung orangutan!

  5. I like zoos too :) That and aquariums! The orangutan kind of looks sad though, doesn't he? Love the close-up of the last pic :)

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  7. wow nice shots though i love the second and last captures! we love visiting zoo also.

  8. nice photos specially that smiling Ostrich. wow! so many animals (1000)house in that zoo. Grabe, dito sa Malabon zoo. 2000+ animals pero 1800 doon puro langaw.

  9. wow, really amazing photos...thanks for sharing...love them all!

  10. Wow that zoo is really awesome to visit. My kids surely like to visit a zoo...

  11. zoo is our favorite place to visit too! hubby cant get enough of it. our favorite is the petting zoo. kahit stinky.. =D

  12. Wow my daughter has not been experience seeing wild animals in the ZOo, I hope they will when their daddy is here to visit us once again.

  13. poor me! hahaha...ang tandakona hindi pa ako nakapunta ng zoo..promise..how i wish i could see orangutan in real life..