Mommy's treat

Candle-one of my favourite
Mommy's treat as you know I  don't know how to cook.I remember when I was working in Philippines and temporarily transferred in Davao branch my colleague told me "my hubby will send me back to my parents'' coz I don't know how to cooked. I just laughed and told them what should I do, my parents didn't taught me to cook.

Good thing I married a foreigner who has no demand to cook.Their food is easy and simple compare to filipino foods. Hubby eat salads, burger or rice with me. In terms of chicken he is happy if I sauteed it with any spices. 

Unbiased treat:
     Find ou why? "Lol"
Bihon- I made from the scratch."lol" Yum-and happy with the taste.
But today, as a mom, lots of changes in my life,  my point of view in life, my daughter is my first priority, my husband and of course my parents. I guess being a Filipino it's already in our blood to support our parents no matter what happen in this world, so if you're a foreigner remember you married your wife's parents as well.hehehehe, and we don't forget to go church every Sunday with my family here. Thankful my hubby always go with me to attend the Holly mass every Sunday.
My hubby's favourite-from the box instruction is so simple.
Maybe you're wondering what makes me busy I am a stay-at-home mom, aside my daughter, my blogs to keep me occupied while she's asleep, traveling makes me happy and I am  not feeling well today-due to weather changes. Hope I feel better soon.Second, we're on the transition of our new place.
"Little travelentz's favourite"
Yesterday,was a Mother's day in States, I treat my hubby and daughter with my cooking since  we can't do much outside "its rainy time" most of the day with flash food warning in my area.


  1. can i join the treat? the cup cake looks yummy and what is that little travelentz' favorite?

    Happy Mother's Day :)

  2. wow, what a treat to your family, kagutom. Well, you asked me bakit secoand sunday ng February and mother's day dito. Kasi in the month of may ay national day nila at maraming confirmations at school exams. Kaya nilipat nila ng date. ANyway, happy mother's day to you. I calebrate my day with my daughter and mother-in-law.:)since my hubby is ombord the ship again.

  3. Anyway, pano ba ilagay sa blog site ko ang " Follow me on Pinterest? Kasi nag join na rin ako don eh:)

  4. Tamang-tama ang post mo, diet ako. *lunok* sarap ng pansit bihon!

  5. tmatanda na talaga ako, di ko ma get ang instructions about pinterest button. Di ko mai paste sa blog ko. thanks for trying to help anyway.

  6. hope you're well now! sarap ng food ah!