Getting ready for Christmas

How many left and Christmas is here.This year I decorated since we'll be home  and 2nd christmas of "little m'' and go for a week vacation with the family and in-laws. My in-laws had bought presents and I put under our tree. I'm really surprise "little m" doesn't open the presents yet.

This year we have an artificial tree and some of my decorations from 2008 were we bought in Bronners. Well till now its pretty brand new so we didn't buy and just bought some decorations we like in Frankenmuth Michigan.

I bought the gingerbread kit and decided to get the mini village this year with "little m". Gossh could you imagine I finished half day just to decorate.At first my daughter was really excited and patience.After an hour she got bored and gives me a headache.
The Gingerbread village-one of the candy cane is already broken and its not christmas yet. Spoffy-(cat name) tries to climb everyday and eat the coconut. I'm hoping this would last until christmas. Little m is had fun with the gingerbread village.

Some of the photos of our christmas decorations.
The left side is our christmas table.
That's the decorations I bought this year in Bronners Michigan.



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