Celebrating Thanksgiving at the Cottage

We celebrated our thanksgiving at the Cottage ( rest-house) this year with my in-laws. It is very cold for me eventhough its not freezing yet. This is my 4th thanksgiving day and 2nd thanksgiving of my daughter. This year we did not enjoyed very well - "little m" has virus. If you had this kind of virus there are no any drugs to take just rest and let it out in your body. Being a first time parents we did not enjoyed our meal. We loss our appetite. "Little m" vomit and no appetite as well as.For three days she doesn't eat good -only drinks powerade or gatorade that time. She ate a little bit of these and that.
We celebrated our thanksgiving by saying Grace before we ate our meal- turkey, green beans casserole, mash potatoes,cheesecake and more. This time my parents in-law are the one who did all the cooking and we just ate.lol..

We finished our meal with wine  and watching disney movie while the fireplace is on. 

Thank you Lord God for all the blessing you gave to me and to my Family. We are very thankful for all the years-the good news we received and I'm so sorry Lord God sometimes I am weak and I forget to go to Church.Please guide us Lord God for everything we did. Thank you Lord God for the gift of love, patient and understanding you gave to me. I'm sorry Lord God for all the sins I did intentionally and unintentionally and Please be with me all the time and please give me more wisdom  this I ask thru Jesus Christ your son thru the intercession  of Mary as our Mother Amen.


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