Family fun at Fil-Am Christmas Party

We had family fun at Fil-Am Christmas Party yesterday. It was our first time to attended this kind of Christmas party and we had a great time with "kababayan" and husband.We started our party by saying Graces.

 Being away in our country ( Philippines) we miss Christmas in Philippines especially its winter and sorry to say, most of us is  suffering winter blues at this time-maybe because of  cold  weather or  the outdoor activities is very limited-suffering from cold,sinus headache,virus and flu.(Tell me about all of this and I'm the one who is suffering winter blues).

I'm very thankful that I joined the Fil-Am community, it's our monthly gathering-that we get together with "kapwa Filipino-celebarate birthdays every month,celebrate events, eat our own Filipino dishes.

For me Networking or making friends  is always important, it gives you a source to meet people and make friends especially if you're away with your own country. I do believe "No man is an island". I'm thankful to ate Liz who I met first and invited to their community, from then If I am around I always joined the monthly activities and parties with my family  and make friends with other Filipinos.Without any question ate Liz is a God's blessings to me. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.

Exchange gifts has been a tradition in Filipino's ( monito and monita) this is the highlights in our party yesterday. We did the exchange gifts in modern ways. HAHHAHAH all we did.It was really fun, where you have a chance to shop with all the gifts that are open already or you can choose gift that is not open yet. The most popular gifts will be shop 3 times only and that  gift is save from others except at the end the number has to choose to shop or enjoy her gifts.



  1. played the same "gift game" on Christmas at my church. 'twas fun :)

    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. hope to see you more around ;)

    enjoy the New Year celebration, and wishing you a prosperous and blessed 2012!

  2. KM-enjoy also your New Year and blessed 2012.

  3. Talaga kahit Saan tayo mga pinoy ay importante na we gather together. Happy to read that you do the same there too.