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Experience Zen Medidation In Tokyo At These Wonderful Places

In our busy modern world, we are often brought up around crazy and intense work schedules, intense social lives, and we try to fit our goals into that equation as best we can, with varying degrees of success. It’s not too outlandish to suggest that our culture is suffering from the epidemics of lost souls and depression thanks to this. Life moves somewhat too fast for us to handle, and this is best exemplified in the modern news cycle.

Now, so much information is available to us at all times that becoming an informed, aware citizen can feel like an extra full-time job. It’s important to understand the imperative to disconnect from all of this once in awhile. The world will always turn, and there will always be interesting things to grab our attention. However, we aren’t always afforded the ability to reflect on our situation and come to terms with who we are as people.

Enter meditation. Meditation is one of the best and most growingly popular methods for overcoming the stress and blight of the modern, always connected digital age. A fragmented mind calls out for stability, peace and calm, and the zazen method of meditation has gained a huge following thanks to this. Steve Jobs, the late, famous prior head of Apple, was one of the most vocal western business advocates of the practicality of Zen meditation in daily life.

You might feel that in order to have the best retreat for your meditation, you should head to a source, namely, a Zen temple. If you’re bringing a family member or relative, it’s likely that  you’d like to have a beautiful culture and city to explore alongside this - as you do need to craft at least some memories when you’re out on vacation. Why not book cheap flights to Tokyo this moment, and check out the following zen faculties that you can glean the methods of this incredible art from.

Rinzaishuu Daihonzan Engakuji

This temple is roughly around an hour to get to from the main city station. Beginning every second and fourth Sunday of the month, the sessions had in this temple are amazing, to say the least. Thanks to it’s slightly outside location, Rinzaishuu is surrounding by greenery and forestry which allows you to escape the noise of the city and meditate in silence. Despite the public offerings of tuition courses being quite limited to those two days every month, they are resoundingly worth it.

Soutoushuu Gyokuhouzan Chokoji

If you’re looking for a more local temple, Soutoushuu will give you that experience for the first and third Saturday of the month. They have some simply stunning beginning classes, which can vary from one hour to two hours, plenty for a beginning meditator to get to grips with the class. What’s more is that there are numerous displays of the artistry of meditation, the history behind it including its export from China, and it’s current place in the modern world.

This two temples can provide you with everything you need to get up and started in Zen, and thankfully, the whole amenity of Tokyo is right on your doorstep, helping you balance that vacation excitement and life escapism perfectly. Have fun!


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