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5 Places to Explore in the Beautiful State of Washington

When people visit America, they usually visit the stereotypical destinations and popular tourist attractions such as Disneyland, New York and Miami. However, beneath the bright lights, nightlife and greasy food, there’s a world of beauty to be explored in the enormous continent of North America. Washington is one of the often-forgotten states that people don’t think about visiting because it’s often overshadowed by the capital, Washington D.C. However, it’s a must-visit state especially if you’re looking for beauty. So to help you narrow down the locations and pick a place to go, here are 5 places to explore on a trip to Washington.

Diablo Lake

This reservoir in the North Cascade mountains is an impressive location that has to be seen to be believed. It’s the perfect location for anyone looking to take some beautiful photographs of the natural landscape and it makes a relaxing and eventful hiking trail. The water is a delightful shade of blue-green, the views are absolutely stunning and there are some amenities to make your visit a little more comforting.

Walla Walla

Walla Walla is a town that is packed with natural beauty mixed with charming architecture. There are historical buildings that date back almost 200 years. They litter the streets with shops, cafes, restaurants and plenty of entertainment for the whole family. Accommodation is easy to find too, thanks to places like Quality Inn & Suites in Walla Walla and prices are competitive compared to the rest of the state. As with most scenic locations in Washington, there’s a lot of walking involved and beautiful sights to see.


In the middle of Central Washington lies Ellensburg, a town that offers a mix of outdoor and indoor entertainment thanks to its historic location and beautiful scenery. There is a mix of modern and traditional buildings that house all kinds of museums, galleries and restaurants. However, if you’re more interested in outdoor activities, then you can indulge in fishing, hiking and biking in the local area.

Jade Lake

If you’re up for an 11-mile hike, then Jade Lake is something that you absolutely have to see. It’s a beautiful sight that will convince you to snap up dozens or even hundreds of photographs. The waters are crystal clear, the surrounding scenery is entrancing and the atmosphere is simply amazing. You’ll meet plenty of other hikers along the path, making it a great social activity as well.

Mount St. Helens

The eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980 lead to widespread destruction across the entire area, destroying trees, roads, bridges and wiping out much of the landscape. The steaming volcano is still off-limits to visitors, but the nearby tourist areas and centres have a lot of information about the eruption including videos and explanations. Although the destruction is incredible, it’s still a beautiful area that is slowly recovering and it’s a destination that many tourists frequent. There are local hotels and lodging areas to stay at during your visit to Mount St. Helens, and this is absolutely a place you must visit if you want to experience the beauty of America.


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