How to have an Awesome Family Trip in the UK

The UK is an excellent place to explore as a family. A lot of families will experience some of the main cities and locations, such as London, Edinburgh and Stone Henge. However, if you have a week or more, it's the perfect opportunity to see more of the nation. There's plenty to see, but you can pack a lot into a week or two. It's less than 900 miles by road between John O'Groats and Land's End. They are the furthest northern and southern points in Scotland and England. The UK is a fantastic country for families too, so start planning a journey everyone will love.


Where to Go

Where you choose to go in the UK will depend on what you want to do. If you prefer to stick to cities, you might hit the capitals of London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. Families looking to explore further could check out other cities too. There are many places to see, from Liverpool and Newcastle to Portsmouth and Glasgow. If you're more of an outdoor, nature-loving family, there are so many places you'll love. You can seek out the seaside for coastal walks and water sports. Visit England's Lake District for hiking and biking, or camp in a forest. Maybe you want to see some history, from Roman villas to Viking settlements. Or perhaps you want to eat your way around the country.

Choose Your Mode of Transport

Hiring a car to drive around the UK is easy, but it's not your only option. Public transport is accessible in all but the most remote areas of the country. The trains aren't always the most reliable and can be expensive. But watching the countryside pass by is always enjoyable. If you're in a large city, particularly London, it makes more sense not to bother with a car. The underground network and buses in the capital will help you get around. And there's always walking, especially when in the center of London. Then there are ferries at the coast, which will help you cross to Northern Ireland and other islands in the British Isles.


Camping or Other Accommodation?

If you're traveling around, you need to decide how to accommodate yourselves. You can, of course, stay in hotels, B&Bs, or rented properties. Another option to consider, however, is camping. Brits love to camp, so there are are great campgrounds up and down the country. You can stay in a tent, hire a caravan (trailer), or stay in a static caravan. If you enjoy using a motorhome when you're at home, consider using one in the UK too.

Finding Things to Do

You should have no trouble finding things to do and days out for families in the UK. Take a visit to Blackpool for theme park fun or spend a day in the museums in London. Or visit Edinburgh in August for the arts and comedy festival. Spend your time outdoors or seek out kids events, especially during the time when British children are out of school. You can even find plenty of free things to do.

The UK is a fascinating place to spend a week or two. Take your time having a leisurely adventure and you will all have lots of fun.


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