Five Tips for Planning the Ultimate Western Vacation

If you’ve grown up watching cowboys on the big screen, a Western-themed holiday in The States could be your dream trip. There are many American destinations to visit for a taste of the Wild West. Stay on a cattle ranch or try out a horse riding vacation. Not only will these kinds of trips take you back to a bygone time, but they are more often than not very active. Helping you stick to a healthy lifestyle.

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So how do you plan your ultimate Western vacation? Here are five top tips.

Choose a State

The name “Wild West” suggests cowboys were just out in the western states. Even though this is where most of them lived, there were many in the other states as well. One notable cowboy hotspot was Texas, down in the south. Cattle ranches still play an important part in local economy there and is one possibility for an authentic cowboy vacation. Up on the Canadian border, Montana still has many ranches and farms as well. For an experience out in the desert, think about booking some time in Arizona.


Where would you like to sleep? Cowboys were perfectly happy sleeping out under the stars. If you fancy this too, think about booking a spot in a camping site. If you want to do lots of hiking, you could hike between different sites. This way, you’ll see even more of the local landscape. Staying at a ranch is the most comfortable option. There are lots of different options depending on your budget. These range from five-star ranch-themed hotels to real working cattle farms.


The possibility of hiking has already been mentioned above. But another great option is to book a horse riding trip. When you book one of these stays, horse riding is often included in your hotel price. Each day you will get the chance to ride off and explore the surrounding country. If you want to take it easy, travel around famous cowboy locations in a comfortable RV .


If you choose to stay in a ranch, you should think about the activities you would like to try during your trip. All ranches will offer horse riding, however, certain pastimes might not be available. Only specialist ranches will offer rodeo experiences, so if you really want to try it, check it is offered before you book. Some horse ranches may expect you to get stuck in with looking after the animals. Doesn’t sound like your idea of a holiday? Best to book accommodation somewhere you won’t be responsible for cleaning the stables out!

Suit Up!

How about getting some traditional cowboy clothes for your trip? Looking the part will help you feel the part! Don’t worry about looking like you are going to a fancy dress party. Many farmers and ranch owners still wear cowboy hats, boots and chaps. The clothes are very practical for working on a ranch. So, if you are planning on helping the farmer out, getting the correct gear is very important.

Time to saddle up and get planning your Western vacation!


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