Be Your Own Captain – Tips for the Aspiring Boating Enthusiast

Having and sailing your own boat can be fun, relaxing and thrilling depending on why you’re doing it. Some folks just love the feeling of being on their boat somewhere out in the water, away from all the stress and demands of daily life. 

Others use their boat for business meetings – this can be important when you have very sensitive business deals to discuss. There are also those people who just love the thrill, the sounds of waters lapping against their boats, and the freedom that boating gives them and the idea of just them against the waters. 

Whichever category or class you fall into, there are boating tips that you ought to implement in order to stay safe and enjoy your boating adventures. 

Safety Should be a Priority
The first thing you need to do is make sure that safety is paramount. Acquire all the necessary safety kits as mandated by the US Coast Guard and relevant boating safety agencies. If you feel you have all these, but are still unsure, you could get a free boat check by the US Coast Guard. Safety also means wearing your life jacket at all times. 

These seemingly inconsequential items can often be the difference between life and death. Most drowning incidents are usually a result of victims not wearing their life jackets. So, as soon as you set foot in the boat, grab a life jacket and make sure there’s enough for everyone on board. 

Of equal importance is paying attention to the weather forecast. Unless you want to face stormy waters, beware venturing out into the water until the weather forecast is favorable. So, always check for weather conditions before taking your boat out and stay alert in case of sudden weather changes.

Always Carry the Necessary Gear
Depending on your type of boat, you may need anything from anchors, to wet and dry suits, basic toolkits, ropes, vests, a tube inflator or a first aid kit to name a few. However, a key boating accessory that you should have is waterproof and dry bags like those provided by Adventure Lion. 

These bags are excellent for keeping your essentials dry. Adventure and extreme sports lovers who prefer kayaking, sailing, and whitewater rafting, will find this extremely useful for keeping their things away from moisture and water. 

So, whether you want to store your dry clothes so you can change after a day on the water or keep your cameras, phones, wristwatches and gadgets dry in your boat, these waterproof bags are crucial to your boating adventure. 

Be Cautious and Aware of Your Immediate Environs
Quite a few boating accidents have resulted from inattention. Once you’re on the water, you need to be extra vigilant. Watch out for abnormal objects in your immediate surroundings. Be careful about berthing your boat, tying the docking ropes properly, and the weather. 

Don’t Sail When Drunk
If you’re not supposed to drive when drunk or under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, it goes to reason that you shouldn’t do the same while sailing. Quite a few accidents, injuries or deaths are caused by the victims being under the influence. 

Luckily, there are laws against this. So, if you’re caught boating under the influence without causing anyone harm, you will either pay heavy fines or spend a few months in jail. However, if people were to become injured directly or indirectly because you were under the influence, you will go to prison.

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