5 Reason why you should registered your kids in British Soccer Camps

Summer camps is popular in Western Country, you can registered your kids in different camps starting ages 3 and up. I started to get crazy and registered my kid when she was 3. My goal was to keep her busy and be with other kids at the same age. 

This year my kid is almost 6 years old and I first registered her in British soccer camp when I heard about it.I talked to my husband if half day camp would work for her. She never had any experience in soccer so I was optimistic if its a right thing to do.

One week goes by fast and she's having a blast every day. She keeps talking about her day and wish she has soccer all day.My husband and I smiled to her and keep explaining she can go back next year if this is  offer again in my area.

5 Reason why  you should registered your kids in British Soccer  Camps:

1. Accent-Being a bilingual person, I'd love my daughter to be a well rounded in life  not just in any sports but learn and understand different accent. The coach was from British and he spoke British English, just imagine the accent is so different in American language.At first my daughter told me she can't understand the coach.Second day, she almost understood all the words that coming out in his coach mouth.Third day, she has no problem at all and my daughter spoke some words that has a British accent and explaining to me, that she needs to practice kicking the ball.

2. Hone your British Soccer skills- Whether you agree   or not, different coach ( different country) has its own style of teaching and techniques. I think this is very important that kids has to learn and adopt at the very young age.

3. Language/term-Considering the coach is from British, the coach has its own language/terms used. Learning new terms in soccer is fun when the kids are enjoying.

4. Embracing new culture-I explained to my daughter, that her coach is from British and showed her the Globe where he lives. Being an expatriate and has experience in different culture is amazing. I'm glad, I don't need to send my daughter in other country to experience new culture.She learns new culture in one week in her British soccer camps.

5. Fun, learn and make new friends- Playing soccer is about a team. You'll get to know your team and make friends. My daughter met a new friends in British soccer camp and she lives closed by in the neighborhood.Yay! for my daughter.

Soccer is so much more than a ball and two goals; it connects people from all of the corners of the world.

Disclosure: Thank you  Challenger Sports for  the complimentary week long summer camp. However,I will always share my honest opinion  about my  experience.


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