A day at Bellingrath Gardens and Home with Family

Thanksgiving week is around the corner. Last year we visited the Bellingrath Gardens and Home with  my family and In-laws on thanksgiving week, Alabama. This year we're not going to go on vacation with them because of their health issues.

One thing I like going gardens in South it never been the same through out the year.The flowering plants are spectacular all year round.

About Bellingrath Gardens:

Bellingrath Gardens  was opened to the public  year-round in 1934. The garden has at least 65 acres and you could enjoy full day if you are planning to do so. There are so many things to see and do at the same time and it's a self guided tour. For the reason  we visited in Thanksgiving week last year, the garden were decorated with magic lights though we did not stayed in magic christmas in  lights.

The garden is huge and has:

  • Rose Garden.I love roses and so my mother-in-law. This is my first saw lots of different variety of rose flowers.
  • The Great Lawn Planting.Little travelentz loves the open space where she can run around. 
  • Fountain plaza.
  • The Terraces. It has the picturesque of river and pond.
  • The Grotto.
  • The Rockery. The most photographed area in Bellingrath gardens.
  • Bayou Boarwalk. 1,600 foot ecological boardwalk. I think its pretty neat.
  • Asian American Garden.

About the Home:
We decided to bought the package which included the guided tour in the home.You're not allowed to take photos inside the house which is pretty standard in most of the time. The house has 15 rooms and was built and design by prominent Mobile architect, George B. Rogers.  It encompasses 10,500 square feet.

Do you want to go back?
If I leave in the area I would absolutely buy a membership. All year round is different and I love gardens. It's a great opportunity to relax and enjoy nature.



  1. Looks like a paradise sis, ganda nung swan. I bet they look beautiful when lit!

  2. I haven't been to Alabama yet but would love to visit the state someday. That park reminds me of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, esp. the one with the red Tori Gate.

    Those swans probably look so beautiful at night with those small lights around them. Must be magical to be in that place!