How Savvy Travelers Score Last Minute Hotel Deals in Bellevue

Bellevue is home to areas of natural beauty such as botanical parks, scenic nature trails, and swim beaches. Located just 10 miles away from Downtown Seattle, and within easy reach of Sea-Tac International Airport, Bellevue makes a great base for a trip to the Emerald city.

Booking a hotel in advance is advisable around the holidays; however, you can follow these simple tips for last-minute bookings to find some great deals on Bellevue Hotels.

Hotel Comparison Sites
If rates are sky-high for a booking via the hotel's official website, fear not! Many hotels choose to use third-party sites for discounted rates so that they don't upset customers who have paid full-whack for their rooms. A good hotel comparison site is able to quickly find the lowest rates for Bellevue hotels.

With so many travel comparison sites out there it can be tough to know who to use. A new and exciting travel comparison site that is earning itself a great reputation with travelers on the hunt for bargain deals is hipmunk.  Hipmunk is extremely easy to use and it seeks out the best prices for hotel rooms around the world at the click of a button. It also offers flight comparisons, and it displays the search results in a grid to provide a handy visual overview.

Alternative Accommodation
If you're finding that hotel rates are high, or that rooms are completely booked up, then you can also try searching elsewhere for accommodation. Airbnb is becoming an increasingly popular way to land yourself some alternative accommodation. People all around the world use this site to list their mansions, condos, spare rooms, and even tents in their garden to visitors. Not only does it allow for a more unique stay, but deals can be found for a fraction of the cost of a luxury hotel room.

Airbnb has a search feature on their website, or you can use sites like Hipmunk to save time and compare all of the available options for you. Many Airbnb hosts will lower their rates for a last-minute stay if the accommodation is not already booked up.

Stay Subscribed
If you regularly visit a hotel then it is worth subscribing to their newsletters or following them on their social networks sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Some hotels will send out last-minute insider deals to newsletter subscribers, while others will post details of flash deals and competitions via social networking sites.

Collect Points
Clever travelers will sign up to a range of reward schemes. Did you know that simple things like buying gas and groceries can save you money off of future Bellevue hotel stays? Many hotel chains will also have a loyalty program in place which records and collects points for hotel stays. You can then swap these points for discounted or even free room stays.

Try out one of more of the above travel tips to see just how much you could save off your last-minute trip to Bellevue. Happy travels!

Emily Sullivan has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe and has written for a variety of publications including The Hartford Courant, The Toast, and The Frisky.  She is currently working with the Hipmunk City Love Project. 


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