7 Reasons September is the Month for Vacation (in spite of Back to School)

The “Back-to-School” season can seem like a crazy time of year. For folks with older kids, it can mean crossing the country or driving back to the state college.  

For families with younger kids, you can face struggles over school, even tears, and a resumption of everything that kids just hate. From routine, and tedium to what can seem like the broken promise of summer.  Grown-ups can face many of the same things. From a return to job tedium to the longing for more time with the kids – no matter how old they are now.
For families on a budget (and what family isn’t?), September should be a tremendous relief too. While choosing exclusively based on cost might never be a good thing, there is almost guaranteed to be a big discount for waiting out the summer. So now, what better time is there to get going? 
These are just 7 of the most important reasons to make your break in September – when the going gets good
1. Low Season is a Better Travel Season
Lots of places close up completely, but not in South Florida. There’s still plenty to see and do and you’ll see better than 50% discounts on lots of things from accommodations to boat trips and museum entrance fees.  Plus there are fewer people, less competition and virtually un-changed weather – not like lots of other low-seasons, where the snow starts falling almost the moment the lifeguard whistles everyone off the beach.  

2. September is that “Feel Good Month” 
However you want to read it. Lot’s of folks will think “emotional” is just about crying and crying. But think about the last time you drove to your old university town, or back to where’d you been, more regularly, when you were a lot younger. You see, September was always about some kind of travel. Taking advantage of the time of the year is one of the greatest reasons to go, and all that emotion – or remembered emotion – make it that much richer of an experience. There are still plenty of good reasons to cry beyond going back to school.

3. No competition means more of – Everything! 
In some cases, when we schedule someone for a September rental, there is quite literally, no one else waiting. That means, not just no crowds, but in some cases, you get entire locations to yourself. Entire beaches, sand dunes, coastal expanses – you name it. Of course, we’re writing from North Captiva Island, but on the mainland, even cities like Cape Coral and Fort Myers are a lot less crowded. 

4. Cooler Beaches can be Enjoyed – Longer! 
There’s a time and place for the super hot beach baked under the sun. In September, averages temperatures drop. From August average highs of 92°F, in September, they’ll plunge to averages more like 91°F. But not everyday is the same (those are averages after all). September weather in some places is identical to August weather. In other places, the change can be dramatic, and in the tropics, often, the only difference is a refreshing downpour that happens everyday – though often not for more than an hour.    

5. There may just be MORE going on!
From the weekly Saturday Farmer’s Market at Cape Harbour in Cape Coral, to the Craft Beer and Music Festival at the Bell Towers shops in Fort Myers – most vacation spots actually schedule MORE events to make up for the loss of those high season crowds. And you still don’t need to expect massive crowds. Even truly year round popular locations will see more events scheduled for fewer people. At least that’s true till the Winter high season kicks in again.  

6. Shoulder Season Savings mean you go for longer too.  
Because just about everything you encounter is going to be discounted, there’s all the reason in the world to stay longer, enjoy more and relax more too.  After all, you’re not breaking the bank by staying for a full, “real” vacation rather than one of those “quick getaways” you’re otherwise scheduling. September is a secret – only in so far as few other travelers will even consider it. October may be an even better kept secret (but that’s another article).

7. Style! 
Let’s face it. Autumn is more stylish than summer. Even right after Labor Day, you can cut loose a little more and still look your best. Though places may still be warm, or even hot, you don’t need to dress like a tourist in the fall months. That makes lots of travelers breathe a lot easier and enjoy all the sites, the natural attractions and the cities that much more. And they look good doing just about anything!



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