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Top 3 Places to go USA Bike Riding

Maybe it’s the economy, but everyone seems to enjoy riding their bikes these days. If you ride your bike to get to work in a particular city, then you probably already understand how amazing riding a bike can be. Or maybe you enjoy riding for its health benefits. Yes, riding a bike serves a number of purposes, but if you want to go for the thrill of a lifetime, you might as well get your finest equipment together (such as your bike rack) and hit up the car. There is a multitude of absolutely jaw-dropping places where you have to venture out into in the United States.
1. Southern Delaware Heritage Bike Trail
If you’re looking for not only a wonderful place to ride your bike, then consider visiting Delaware. The Southern Delaware Heritage Bike Trail is worth the trip. The Southern Delaware Heritage Bike Trail is 130 miles of connecting trails for you and your friends to experience during each twist. The trail connects rivers, scenic drivers, heritage, and historical sites as well, so make sure to bring your camera ready. In case you decide riding your bike isn’t exactly what you feel like doing for a short period of time during your stay in Delaware, put your bikes on the bike rack and visit a motel or an antique shop.
2. Farmington Canal Heritage Trail
For a truly ‘enchanted’ looking area to go bike riding, you will adore the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, it has an all-inclusive paved trail fit for any bike or any age. It has over 80 miles of motor vehicle-free paved cycling. Another exciting part about this trail is that it has its roots buried in the Thomas Jefferson administration, which is interesting for your history buff friend or family member. The scenery is spectacular, and so are the nearby towns. Make sure to stop by to get some delicious food and drinks before leaving.
3. Prairie Spirit Rail Trail
This trail is located in Garnett, Kansas. It is a fifty mile long trail with gorgeous green scenery during the fall months. If you’ve been looking for a trail which accepts both mountain or hybrid bikes, then you are in for a treat. This trail has both. This trail has 360 degrees of unobstructed views, so it won’t be difficult getting around, either. The only downfall to this biking trail is that there is a small fee ($3.50 a day), but it’s worth it for the scenery and the option to take your mountain or hybrid bike.
If you enjoy the many benefits that riding a bike has (no matter what kind, either), then these three places in the United States are highly recommended. As always, bring protective gear, your bike rack, helmets, and even some suntan lotion (although everyone can use some vitamin D, it can get painful if you’ve been in the sun unprotected for hours). If you haven’t tried any of these biking trails yet, then you might as well!

John Bowie is a huge fan of going dirt bike riding. When he was younger, he used to do it a lot more with his friends. Now John Bowie focuses his energy on writing about travel, fitness, and bike riding whenever possible.


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