Surveillance Your Ex To Protect Your Kids

A parent dealing with an ex because of common children must be careful. The actions of an ex could place a child at risk even during brief visits. One way to protect children is to start using surveillance technology and techniques to monitor the ex. Surveillance will help a parent to protect kids by exposing any potential dangers the ex presents. Being an informed parent in such circumstances could greatly benefit you. Here are a few ways to prevent harm from ever coming to your children:

Find Risky or Unsafe Behaviors

Good surveillance can show whether an ex is taking part in risky or unsafe behavior before, during or after meeting with kids. This can include behaviors such as driving recklessly, visiting unsafe locations or leaving a child alone on the street. All of these actions can put a child at risk even when spending only a short amount of time with the ex. Surveillance can help a parent to establish rules during visits that will keep kids safe.

Spot Emotional or Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can take many forms. It can be hard to detect and does not always leave clear bruises or abrasions. Emotional abuse can be devastating and undetectable. Surveillance can easily reveal whether an ex is abusing a child during a visit. Video will clearly show physical abuse. Audio and video can be used to detect emotional abuse or mistreatment. Recorded surveillance can be used as evidence in order to stop the abuse and protect children.

Identify People Who Might Be Around Children

An ex who has a child for several hours or days every week could be introducing strangers to the kids. These are people who are completely unknown and who could have criminal or suspicious backgrounds. Kids are not completely safe once strangers are introduced during a visit. Surveillance will allow a parent to identify the people who are around an ex every day. This can provide valuable information that can be used to keep children safe or to create rules so suspicious people are not around kids.

Detect Signs of Substance Abuse

One of the clearest dangers to any child is when an ex is abusing substances. Substance abuse can lead an ex to make very poor decisions, put the child at risk and completely shun all responsibility. It can lead to serious injuries and trauma. Good surveillance can quickly reveal whether an ex is abusing drugs or alcohol. This information can be used to stop visitations or protect children until the ex has completed a treatment program.

Prevent Parental Kidnapping

The threat of parental kidnapping is very real especially during or after a contentious divorce or separation. Parental kidnapping means an ex plans to leave the city, state or country with a child and vanish. It can be difficult to find a person who has planned this type of action. Comprehensive surveillance can reveal whether an ex is starting to make plans to leave the area with a child. The evidence the surveillance provides can be used to take legal action to stop the ex.

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