Apple Cider Mill in Michigan

One thing I miss in Michigan is the Apple Cider that starts early of September. The donuts and cider goes together and there are things to do aside eating and drinking a fresh sider. My family looks forward to do this every year and its like a family tradition if you leave in Michigan. So hubby love to come up in Michigan to enjoy the Apple Cider and Donuts.

Things to do in  Cider Mill:
  • Apple picking- This fun for kids were you ride and bring you to the apple field and pick your own apple. I love doing this with my daughter.
  • Live band-During the peak season they have a live band and you can enjoy eating outside and listening music at the same time.
  • Corn maze- Some apple cider has a con maze were kids and adults can play do this kind of stuff and it's so much fun.
  • Petting Zoo- Some Apple cider farm has a petting zoo were you can pay a little bit or buy food for the animals and kids love this.
  • Apple Tent- were you can buy any stuffs from apple to veggies.
  • Walking Trail-Some cider Mill has a walking trail if you go in a big cider mill.
  • Pony rides- If your kids love pony, this is the time they have a pony rides so prepare some cash so they can ride when you visit in cider mill.

Apple cider is a big thing in Michigan and usually weekends are the busy days and traffic jam especially the popular Cider Mill.If you want to enjoy, go early as possible to avoid traffic jam and long queue. You can check here during our visit in Kansas Cider Mill.



  1. so this is the place also were the apple cider vinegar is being processed? seems like a nice adventure plus shopping for vegies :)