A mini adventure

Backpacking is the true definition of freedom. No ties, no plans, no need to be anywhere other than where you want to be. The world may be a huge place, but it’s also smaller these days in terms of getting around, so it’s never been more possible than now to see massive amounts, in less time.

Of course, backpacking isn’t for everyone, and if you’re like me, and you like to have your hotels and holidays planned out with regards to where you going to be staying etc, then you probably won’t like the fly by the seat of your pants approach to travel which tends to go hand in hand with this kind of break. However, if you’re spontaneous, open to anything and up for a challenge, this could be the trip of a lifetime for you.

There are important things to remember before you head off towards the horizon, and one of them is insurance. Most reputable companies now offer backpackers insurance, and it’s important to check the fine print and excess charges before you commit. This kind of insurance is a must-buy, and although might want to save as much as possible prior to your trip, this is something you shouldn’t even consider not buying, even for a second. If something were to go wrong on your travels, you wouldn’t be covered for health or baggage if you didn’t buy your insurance. The European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC for short, will help to a degree whilst you’re in Europe (with some exceptions), but it won’t cover you for everything, and for peace of mind, this is something you certainly need.

Although backpacking is meant to be spontaneous, it’s advisable to have a bit of a plan, or at least a vague idea of where you’re going. It’s also important to let friends and family back home know where you’re planning on heading next! Spontaneity is the spice of life, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful!

You don’t have to head off for months and months on end either, my friend went on a mini-backpacking adventure for four weeks and she loved every second of her adventure, so for first-timers, why not try this first?

Take care of your travel arrangements in good time and you’ll have more chance to plan your adventures. A good way to cut out stress and save money is by pre-booking airport parking services at your departure airport, such as the great value facilities for Luton Airport parking. Wherever you’re flying from, you’ll find a service to suit, not to mention prices to make you smile. I recently used Birmingham Airport parking, and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again, so check out what’s available near you.

Seeing the world is a right, not a privilege, so why not plan your own mini adventure – I bet half the fun’s in the planning!



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