Butterfly Cake

One of my hobby is baking even though I am not good in the kitchen.Lately, I was in the mood of baking, of course "Little Travelentz'' is my big helper, don't get me wrong she's a good helper.She knows how to follow instructions and I let her mixed by herself and pour in my baking pan. We have a big messed every time we baked. You know the toddler when they mixed. lol.

first,I made a round cake.
I don't care really even I have a lot of cleaning after we finished. First, I taught my daughter to help and patient- to wait her turn. I could always saw the excitement in her eyes, especially she knows where baking a cake. Well,"Little Travelentz" has a sweet tooth.
Second, I cut the round cake into four.
A glimpse of our butterfly cake. Is not perfect but I we're happy with outcome.
Little Travelentz, can't wait to eat.
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  1. Little Travelentz looks really excited to take a bite, I can see it in her eyes! :)

  2. can I have the wing please? :)

  3. Wow Mhie so creative naman, great idea!

  4. Hi, coming via the Color Connection. That's is so creative! And, your daughter is so cute!!

  5. Ang cute naman ng cake na bineyk nyo! Pahingi naman! hihi!

  6. Oh how pretty and yummy looking.

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