A day at Kentucky Down Under with Family

The Joey- They're giving them a milk and when the Joey noticed the people he was scared and they put him in the blanket that they used where he feels safe.
Last month we went to Kentucky Down Under with Family.We passed it  every time we go in Michigan and last month is our chance to check the Kentucky Down Under. The place is pretty cool, they have two tours including the cave. But most of it  we love there animals where you can see closer.The tickets is good for two consecutive visits-which I don't understand and I guess this make the ticket expensive for $22  for adults and $13 for kids age 5-14.

This is one that caught to my attention-The sheep and the dog where the dog was trying to kept the sheep together.-I've heard this already that sheep and dog are best of friend.
Kentucky Down Under is a self guided tour but they have a tour guide in the Outback Walkabout to pet kangaroos and Cave tour. My favourite is the Terra Rosella-where the employee gave us a free food to fed the birds and they are really cute. The other birds you can fed was the Lorikeet in the cage-which "Little Travelentz" scared. Its not recommended for age 0-3 for my own opinion.

You're lucky if you have one or two birds at the same time-but most of it they would flew and fight at the same time to get the food in your hand.
at the Lorikeet house-the poor little girl was scared  as the Lorikeet landed in her head and  she  was screaming and doesn't know what to do.Good thing the employee are there to help the girl.
Little Travelentz pet the Kangaroo and she loves it.
 Outback Walkabout
Silly one:

The cave tour is just good nothing especial but the history is really good. If you like  a big caves or caverns  you can visit the Caverns that is around in Kentucky it is amazing.
Inside the caves in Kentucky Down Under
Kentucky Down Under is a place that family and kids would love it except the price. There are so much to see  and do and they are really unique-petting the animals history and they have trails.

Have you ever been in Kentucky Down Under? or Any attractions that looks like this. Share your experiences to us? My share for R Wethere Yet Mom


  1. those creatures are just awesome.

  2. I like the "Silly One" ha ha

  3. I wanna make "Joey" my pet hehehe, he's sooo adorable and looks so maamo. Love to see your mag-ama bonding together, akyat sa mountains, sa rocks, go near with the animals sa zoo, what else? tas inside the cave.. wow! seriously? paglaki ni lil travelentz talbog ang career ni mama blogger, kasi mas extreme ang peg ni lil travelentz paglaki yehey! :)))