Tennessee Renaissance festival

Tennessee Renaissance festival  is another family activities that you would not miss to see. It is really fun for kids, family and  hanging out with  friends.You'll be impressed how well all the actors stayed in all day.
Tennessee Renaissance festival: The role playing 

Tennessee Renaissance festival will give you chanced to Ravel back to 16th century England.The event usually takes place every weekend in May. They have different activities and shows.They have different theme every weekend.During our visits  the theme was pirate invasion weekend and and that was my birthday.
Tennessee Renaissance festival: another show they have that is interesting.

Tennessee Renaissance festival: some  Fairies.  

Hubby asked me during that time if what I want to do in my birthday. I was browsing in my laptop, until then I go there homepage of Tennessee Renaissance festival. It was really interesting, so I told hubby I want to go in Tennessee Renaissance festival.Without any doubt hubby purchased ticket online,to save our time to queue.

Address:Tennessee Renaissance festival

2124 New Castle Road
                                                        Arrington, TN 37014(615) 395-9950

We left our house around 8 o'clock  because we're kinda worried about the weather. Around 3 o'clock we decided to go home it was sticky hot and humid and we have a little one to worried about.We enjoyed the Tennessee Renaissance festival, the games, the show and the role playing is really cool.It is quite large, and the period costumes and accents are incredibly well done.They have also a  free tour Castle Gwynn first floor  are included in festival admission. I'm planning to go back next year to the Tennessee Renaissance festival



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