Best Places to Visit in Tennessee

Are you panning to visit Tennessee and looking the best places to visit.Well here are the best Places I visited in Tennessee and family friendly.

Whether you like historical,outdoor and indoor activities, Tennessee has some best places to offer.

a. Nashville-attracts more visitor because of  The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is one of the main attractions of the popularity of country music.

b. Franklin-This is more  south is the historic town of Franklin. One of the oldest towns in Middle Tennessee, Franklin is famous for its antiques and famous cafes. It is more typical of a small U.S. city, it has a history and charm and friendly.

c. Memphis-is the home of the Blues and Birthplace of Rock 'n' roll.Downtown Memphis, and some parts of Midtown is ideal for walkers and bicycles.

d. Chattanooga-This is Lookout Mountain, one of the biggest attractions of the city. The travelers' can explore extraordinary rock formations, see a roaring enclosed waterfall and travel by train up the mountain for a truly spectacular view.Do not miss the aquarium of the world's largest freshwater aquarium in Tennessee.



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